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Last updated: January 18, 2023

Leading Economic Indicators Dashboard

A recession looms large on the horizon of the U.S. economy.

Should we expect a recession through 1H-2023? When will we begin to see economic reacceleration?

Prevedere's RecoveryWatch Dashboard tracks critical leading signals that provide early clues to coming changes in the economic business cycle.

Within Prevedere's methodology of predictive planning, our economist team has developed three plausible macroeconomic scenarios for the remainder of 2022 and into 2023 that will help guide business leaders and FP&A teams as they develop their plans for the next year.

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" All retailers and CPGs should consider macroeconomic factors to improve their business planning.

Not only will forecasting accuracy improve, but go to-market planners will be fully educated as to what external factors are important to their markets."

KraftHeinz Case Study
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Prevedere helped KraftHeinz forecast each of their major food platforms and identify the specific economic drivers that impact their business.

Prevedere's forecast accuracy resulted in millions in cost savings and revenue growth.

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Gain market share through the recession.

Recessions can swing the future market capitalization of a company by billions of dollars. Organizations who do not find ways to increase revenue through innovation and branding pivots during a recession lose market share to their competitors when things get better.

Illustration - Hit your growth targets Illustration - Hit your growth targets
Illustration - Hit your growth targets

Don't wait until the trough to begin planning for recovery.

Prevedere's Scenario Planning platform is helping FP&A teams maximize revenue growth despite market volatility. Our solution provides companies with the competitive advantage of knowing when to expect downturns or upturns in the economy, empowering them with the tools and data to change course when necessary.

Don't wait until things get better.

Make more informed decisions as we exit the recession and enter the next phase of recovery.

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