Discover the hidden drivers that the consumer goods industry needs to know about market behavior

Consumer Goods

What is the full consumer story?

While marketing, promotions, and price changes affect future sales, consumer behavior is also driven by numerous external factors. Wages, cost of fuel, sentiment, and online search trends can impact the consumer’s willingness to buy but are factors beyond a company’s control. Nonetheless, they can be analyzed and included in your research plan.

By using Prevedere, CPG companies can reduce sales forecast error by 50%, allowing brand teams to improve daily product decisions with reliable forward-looking insight.

Key insights for CPG companies

Consumer goods case study cover.

Case Study: Data-Informed Forecast for Scenario Planning: Multi-Billion Dollar Retailer Prevedere is working with the analytics and finance teams of a leading retail company to provide executive insights, same-store sales forecast, and baseline forecast of major expense line items.


eBook: How CPGs Can Quantify and Plan for Market Volatility
In the data-driven planning world of CPG, basing predictions and forecasts mostly or entirely on internal data is just not going to cut it anymore.


White Paper: The Evolution in Consumer Goods Forecasting
A joint report from Nielsen and Prevedere on the latest techniques to predict category demand and consumer behavior.


Prevedere allows CPG companies to:

Discover the hidden drivers of category demand

Prevedere’s CPG Solution quickly identifies the most influential economic and consumer behavior factors for each category as well as their lead times. By combining this with internal promotion, product innovation, and merchandising activities, brand teams can gain deeper insight on past sales wins and misses.

Validate category growth plans with retailers

CPG companies, especially category captains, can leverage Prevedere’s CPG Solution, along with syndicated data from Nielsen, to generate retailer-specific long-term demand forecasts that incorporate the most predictive leading indicators. These reports are constantly updated as economic and consumer activity change.

Maximize trade promotion effectiveness

Most consumer goods manufacturers lose 33% of the money they invest into trade promotions. Prevedere helps improve trade promotion effectiveness by understanding future demand by consumer segment, category, retailer, and region. This allows for more accurate spending in months and regions that need it most.

Improve Product Distribution

A global beverage manufacturer estimated $9 MILLION in annual savings by improving product distribution by partnering with Prevedere.
  • Prevedere analyzes over 400 brands across 21 distributors
  • Global factors such as new construction starts were identified as some of the leading drivers of sales
  • Category forecasts were generated using predictive analysis and Nielsen syndicated data

“Prevedere provides us with the competitive advantage of knowing when to expect downturns or upturns in our categories, allowing us to change course when necessary.”