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Three major PE use cases for Prevedere’s Predictive Planning

Prevedere supports three primary use cases for predictive analytics and Advanced Predictive Planning (APP) in the private equity industry. The use cases follow a logical sequence, from researching market and deal opportunities, to executing due diligence on prospective investments, to enabling portfolio companies with APP for strategic planning, risk mitigation and competitive advantage.

How Prevedere empowers Private Equity


Market exploration – deal sourcing

Private equity firms are constantly and proactively seeking new investments. Prevedere is able to provide unique intelligence to support this process, in the form of economic based projections and predictions, whether for a market segment or an individual company. Prevedere helps PE firms identify the leading business drivers and lead/lag indicators for a target market segment, as well as demand projections up to 5 years in the future.


Due diligence

Prevedere is able to provide a variety of intelligence for a prospective investment. Identify leading business drivers and correlated economic indicators of its performance. Create demand models 1-18 months, 1-5 years into the future (via Prevedere’s Advanced Predictive Planning platform). Create forecasts for targeted KPIs, whether raw sales, year over year growth, or market share. Show how macroeconomic relationships and trends impact target organization’s future performance.


Advantage for portfolio companies

Prevedere enables PE firms to monitor the health of their portfolio companies’ markets, so they are able to foresee headwinds/tailwinds and advice accordingly. Advanced Predictive Planning can also be leveraged by any and all portfolio companies, regardless of which industry they operate within. CEOS, CFOs, FP&A, S&OP and operational planners can create forecast models and outlooks to mitigate risk and maximize opportunity for their roles and functions.

Advanced Predictive Planning for Private Equity

This eBook takes a deeper dive into the practice, process and outputs from Advanced Predictive Planning.

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Data-informed forecast for scenario planning: Multi-billion dollar retailer

This case study is an example of how a portfolio company can leverage Advanced Predictive Planning, in this case scenario planning for a large retailer.

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Blog: Advanced Predictive Planning in action -Three use cases for PE

Advanced Predictive Planning helps PE firms and their portfolio companies make better investment and planning decisions by providing customized economic intelligence on their industry, their channels, and the demand for their products.

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"Prevedere enables a data-driven strategy that allows for timely and high value insight during unprecedented times. Forecasts are used by leadership, sales, marketing, and supply chain for planning and also for earning calls."

- Apollo Portfolio Company

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