Gain unique insights into
future shopper behavior

Improve brand, retail & supply-chain performance with market-validated planning

Market volatility is creating serious challenges to retail CFOs, brand managers and financial planning specialists. They find themselves squeezed by falling consumer sentiment on one side, rising labor costs, supply-chain interruptions and under/over supply on the other. Without a complete understanding of the external drivers of demand and delivery, millions of dollars are lost because planning can’t keep up with rapidly evolving reality.

Whether your company needs to streamline operations, relocate resources, find alternative suppliers or create new product mixes, Prevedere Advanced Predictive Planning (APP) can help you achieve your goals faster by augmenting current FP&A solutions with market-validated predictions and projections of your operating future.

Better business outcomes


Reduce risk, drive growth with better financial modelling.


Drive price and promotion with better demand models.


Spot cost and supply-chain risks before they materialize.


Stay ahead of changing markets to react faster than your rivals.


Optimize sales performance with market-validated forecasts.

The Prevedere
Advanced Predictive
Planning platform

Prevedere APP combines extenal data and predictive AI modeling to deliver more accurate and intelligent planning. It gives CFOs, FP&A, supply-chain and category-management leaders the insights they need to make the right decisions, based on all available data, and fast.

Prevedere includes its own global indicators database and an Advanced Predictive Planning (APP) platform. Our data scientists and economists work with you to create market-leading short-, medium- and long-term prediction models.

APP identifies unique external drivers and leading indicators for each category in which your brands operate. This enables increased validation and accuracy in predicting both customer demand and total market demand. That’s why Prevedere helps Nordstrom incorporate consumer behavior, economic, and market data into their merchandise planning forecasts for all their channels.

Identify the true leading indicators for your lines-of-business

Use advanced AI to build the best-fit models for your business

Increase the overall predictive accuracy of your planning by up to 20%

Monitor prediction data to detect market shifts before they happen

Prevedere forecasts layer seamlessly with existing planning platforms

More valuable planning outputs

12–18 month rolling forecast:

improve short-term planning for individual category demand or the total market demand. Blending internal and external monthly forecasts for greater accuracy and agility.

2–5 year forecast:

quantify the impact of key economic and demographic trends on your business, so you can validate investment and working-capital decisions based mid to long-range projections.

Driver-mix analysis:

CPGs and retail customers use this to blend internal drivers (e.g., price, promotion, and distribution) with external drivers, to generate more holistic forecasts. This is similar to marketing mix modeling.

Top 3 use cases in retail


Discover the hidden drivers of category demand

Prevedere identifies the most influential economic and consumer behaviors in each category — and their lead times. By combining this with data on internal promotion, product innovation, and merchandising activities, brand teams can gain deeper insight on future sales risk and growth.


Validate demand growth plans

Retail companies, especially category captains, use Prevedere to generate economic baseline forecasts by category, by channel and by geography. These incorporate the most predictive leading indicators. These models are integrated with internal forecasts, and then constantly monitored and updated as economic and consumer activity change.


Maximize ROI on marketing spend

Many retailers have to commit to advertising spend and media contracts over a year in advance. Prevedere’s can show when retail demand is weakest up to 24 months in the future. Armed with this insight, retailers can allocate marketing budget to the months, regions and channels that need it most.

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Our customer stories

We help Kraft Heinz forecast each of their major food platforms and identify which economic drivers impact their business.

We help Cooper Tire (Good Year) to forecast demand for their brands/products to optimize their supply chain needs.

We help Dollar General understand their target market drivers, identify growth opportunities, and deliver forecasts for their strategic planners.

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