Protect your business in these uncertain times.

Prevedere is the leader in external data and predictive analytics software for intelligent forecasting. By adding Prevedere's Advanced Predictive Planning platform to your FP&A stack, you will:

  • Understand what's impacting your business
  • Accurately quantify risks and opportunities
  • Create planning guard rails through What-if analysis

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Prevedere Advanced Predictive Planning enables systematic and scalable modeling

Forecast Accuracy

Leverages Prevedere economic forecasts and scenarios for each platform and key market around the world. Forecast accuracy is improving, and confidence in planning has skyrocketed.

Guard Rails

Economic baseline forecasts combined with market assessments by Prevedere's economists provide critical intelligence and the ultimate safety net for planners.

Market Savvy

Planners and leaders around the world now understand what really drives their business, and are way more knowledgeable about economic impact on supply and demand.

Adding Advanced Predictive Planning to Fortune 500 organizations

Prevedere provides Fortune 500 organizations the competitive advantage of knowing when to expect downturns or upturns in the economy, allowing them to change course when necessary.

Start considering macroeconomic factors in your business planning.

Add Prevedere's Advanced Predictive Planning platform to your FP&A stack.

All retailers and CPGs should consider macroeconomic factors to improve their business planning.

Not only will forecasting accuracy improve, but go to-market planners will be fully educated as to what external factors are important to their markets.

Plan and forecast more accurately with Prevedere.

Add Advanced Predictive Planning to your business.

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