Prevedere Protect

The performance monitoring tool
for Advanced Predictive Planning

Prevedere Protect

Prevedere Protect completes the Advanced Predictive Planning lifecycle by continually monitoring the health of models and their associated leading indicators.


As business and market pressures change over time, the validity of models change with them.  Many Prevedere customers update models and execute planning review cycles monthly and/or quarterly.  In between those times Prevedere Protect is constantly monitoring for change, and alerting when a model or indicator shifts out of statistical expectation.


Prevedere Protect is comprised of 2 layers:

  • Model Health Monitoring continually and automatically checks each model’s health score, and when it drops an alert is triggered.  An alert can be caused by the underlying modeling data changing, resulting in lower prediction quality.
  • Early Warning System (EWS) monitors individual or groups of leading indicators, automatically checking for unexpected statistical change. A customer who has identified the top contributing leading indicators to their business will be notified of underlying market change before anyone else.


Prevedere Protect automates the discovery of unplanned risk and opportunity based on future market shifts and anomalies, to enable proactive planning pivots.  The result is more agile and smarter business.

Benefits of Prevedere Protect

Continual model health checking is critical for predictive AI

Health checks occur periodically and whenever underlying data changes

Alerts are triggered when health drops 5% (yellow) and 15% (red)

Comprehensive individual model analytics show root causes

Stages of the Predictive AI Lifecycle


Correlation engine able to identify specific drivers and lead/lag indicators related to either a corporate business or market segment

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The Prevedere Platform helps you
leverage AI to improve outcomes

Old way

Manual Econometric Modeling
Time consuming
Fewer inputs
Limited number of models and tests
Laborious to update

New and improved way

AI Powered Econometric Model
Millions of models built
Scored and ranked in minutes
Leveraging fitness functions to create the best model
40% improvement
vs manually built models