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Partnering with customers to accelerate business value

Prevedere enables our customers to understand and act on external factors that impact strategic initiatives

Let us become your trusted predictive planning partner

Our technology and services are grounded in macroeconomic insights to advance your strategic intelligence, planning capability, and empower you to make decisions at the most impactful moments.

Uncover leading indicators of impactful external events

Gain insight into macroeconomic trends that put your strategic goals at risk.

Simulate potential outcomes with predictive modeling

Test the potential impact of various outcomes by integrating internal and external data.

Gain actionable insights in real time

Spot both oncoming storms and potential opportunities in enough time to change course.

"All retailers and CPGs should plan top down like this, starting with a macro economic view of each of their key markets. We can plan more strategically now by having a macro view of markets and additional insight for better forecasting and resource allocation."

- Bernardo Fiaux, Category CFO, Kraft Heinz

More than a vendor.
We’re here for your entire journey.

Our services aren’t transactional. They empower you with full-cycle value to help your entire organization succeed.

Global customer success

Our team of experienced program managers and consultants is dedicated to ensuring value delivery and your organizational success:

• Seamless and efficient onboarding
• Program plans and roadmap execution
• Cross-functional insight operationalization

Strategic operational consulting

Our economists turn macroeconomic data into insights, and insights into value for your enterprise:

• External factor assessment
• Econometric models that predict potential outcomes
• Detailed interpretation of headwinds and tailwinds on the horizon
• Insights to drive decisions across the organization

Econometric modeling and advisory services

Our econometric modeling services combine internal and external data to discover which macroeconomic factors will most impact your business:

• Patented AI modeling engine
• Highly predictive econometric forecast models at scale
• Fully managed service, enabling a rapid start

Education and enablement

We not only aim to support our customers and partners, but also drive self-sufficiency and reduce onboarding time:

• Access to quick-start guides
• Full curriculum of training courses
• Live support

Professional services support

Our team of experienced, skilled professionals provide business and operational support to fill certain capability gaps within your organization:

• 1:1 User support
• Business analyst resources
• Technical services

"The combination of Suzano’s 90+ years of pulp and paper business expertise with external data through use of AI and econometric modeling has significantly broadened our knowledge spectrum and generated new, important foresights to our strategy. After understanding the power of this combination, we’re confident that we’ll replicate and scale it up to other internal projects."

- Felippe Pardini de Souza, Digital Strategy Lead, Suzano

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