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Our mission is to become your trusted partner and provider of Intelligent Forecasting solutions, custom designed to advance your strategic intelligence and planning capability. 

We provide dedicated services and support to enable customers throughout the entire journey.  From initial onboarding and training, to best-in-class econometric modeling services, to economic consulting, to data and integration services, our team will focus on delivering maximum value each and every engagement.

“Prevedere brings data and indicators we just have never been able to access or hadn’t even thought of.”

Global Customer Success

Prevedere’s Customer Success organization actively serves and supports our customer with a global team of experienced program managers and consultants.  Customer Success onboards new customers, collaborates to define program plans and roadmaps, drives the operationalization of the insights into decisions and actions across functions, and ensures value delivery throughout the journey.  In short, this organization is specifically chartered with ensuring that each and every one of our customers is successful and satisfied working with Prevedere.

Strategic Consulting Services

Value comes from insights, and insights come from understanding how the external factors will impact your business and industry.  This is where our team of economists come into play.  They assess what external factors are impactful to each of our customers, build econometric models to determine the nature and magnitude of these impacts, and then provide detailed interpretation in regards to the headwinds and tailwinds on the horizon.  While these strategic advisory services are most often consumed by our customers’ senior executives, these insights are the catalyst to drive decisions and actions throughout an organization.

Econometric Modeling Services

Our econometric modeling services combine the world’s data with yours to determine those external factors that have the most pronounced impact on the future of your business. We then leverage Prevedere’s patented AI modeling engine to develop highly predictive econometric forecast models at scale. While many customers choose to do their own modeling using our data and platform, our econometric modeling services are available for a rapid start or for those companies looking for a fully managed service.

Intelligent Forecasting In a Recession

Education and Enablement

Our education and enablement services are aimed at driving self-sufficiency for our customers and partners.  Through access to quick start guides, a full curriculum of training courses, and user exercises designed for different types of users, these services provide a rapid on-boarding of our customers and enable each customer to gain their desired level of proficiency with our full set of solutions.

Customer Support

Prevedere’s team of experienced, skilled professionals provides business and operational support to fill the capability gaps within your organization. We provide on-boarding of our customers and enable each to gain their desired level of proficiency with our platform and process. We also offer an array of services, ranging from front-line helpdesk to on-site business analyst resources to technical services to assist you in whatever ways are needed to enable success.

“Prevedere identified external factors, such as labor and income, that greatly improved the accuracy of our forecast models.”

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