Webinar: Achieving Growth in CPG

How to use macroeconomic data & AI modeling to reduce planning risk, eliminate blind spots, & develop a sustainable revenue growth plan.

2024 State of the U.S. Economy

Learn how shifts in consumer dynamics, labor markets, inflation, and other factors may impact the economy and business environment in 2024.

Introducing Prevedere Generate

A generative AI solution that brings powerful new forecasting capabilities to business users worldwide.

2024 Forecasting: Economic Indicators

to Watch When Forecasting Recovery

Watch our webinar on-demand and learn about the economic indicators to watch when forecasting and planning for economic recovery in 2024.

Prevedere is the most advanced
predictive planning platform

What if you could understand which external factors impact your business, quantify that impact, and protect against it or seize a market opportunity?

By integrating Prevedere's Advanced Predictive Planning platform to your current processes, you can drive better decisions with better risk management and opportunity development.

Understand what's impacting your business

Identify your most predictive external leading indicators

Our technology analyzes millions of global economic data series from thousands of public and private sources to identify which indicators contribute to your outcomes.

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Quantify risks and opportunities

Predict future headwinds and tailwinds and plan accordingly

Our econometrics-based machine learning engine creates, simulates, scores, and refines predictive models and then generates economic baseline forecasts.

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Create planning guard rails through what-if analysis

Plan for optimistic and pessimistic outcomes, and everything in between

Vary planning assumptions and create what-if forecast scenarios, for planning agility and competitive advantage.

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Get a heads up on market shifts before your competition

Continuous monitoring allows for constant improvement

We've automated the process of monitoring your forecast models' predictive health, providing an early warning system with alerts when prediction changes.

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Customer stories

Empowering digital transformation to anticipate market demand changes

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Embracing Prevedere models as the base for forecasting and planning

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Modernizing forecasting and planning processes amid market challenges

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Holistic, insightful, actionable
insights across industries

Consumer Goods

Discover the hidden drivers that the consumer goods industry needs to know about market behavior

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Gain a real-time view of future shopper demand and drivers

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Gain a holistic view of booking behavior

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Understand the hidden drivers of demand for new and existing markets

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Understand the hidden drivers of the automotive consumer

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Private Equity

Learn how Intelligent Forecasting enables PE firms in 3 key ways

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Adding Advanced Predictive Planning
to leading organizations

Prevedere provides us with the competitive advantage of knowing when to expect downturns or upturns in our categories, allowing us to change course when necessary.