Global Data and Predictive AI
for the Intelligent Enterprise

We combine the world’s data with our predictive analytics platform, AI modeling and economic expertise to help companies navigate the road ahead.

Thought Leader Series

Three Key Ingredients for Intelligent Forecasting with Prevedere

Global / External Data

Over 4 million 'model ready' data sources of economic and industry indicators

Analytics / AI Cloud

Advanced analytics + machine learning algorithms model future business outcomes

Economist Foresight

Predictive economic models provide forecasts for planners and foresight for executives

3 Ways to Improve Business Planning During the COVID Era

1. Economic Indicators

Free weekly reports on the latest economic numbers

2. Industry Outlook

In-depth industry reports with weekly updates on key leading indicators

3. Scenario Planning

Economic scenario planning with custom models for your business

"Prevedere provides us with the competitive advantage of knowing when to expect downturns or upturns in our categories, allowing us to change course when necessary."

Leading Enterprises Work With Prevedere

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