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Augment your existing forecasting & analysis

The next step in enterprise planning

Enterprise planning and analytics software are great for analysis of internal enterprise data. But they only provide part of the picture.

External insights and predictive analytics software combines global market data with AI-powered econometric models – providing a holistic perspective that de-risks your business and significantly improves decision making.

See around the corner – and take action

Access an unparalleled repository of global economic insights

Prevedere’s Global Intelligence Cloud includes indicators – macro/financial, consumer, trade, governmental, weather, and more – spanning numerous industry sectors, geographic regions, and countries.

Millions of data sets from thousands of public, private, and proprietary sources are continuously updated and maintained — all in one place and easy to access.

Identify leading indicators for your business or industry sector

Discover key metrics correlated with your historic performance.

Then, select a set of leading indicators that predict performance 3 – 18 months in the future.

Automatically create unbiased, baseline econometric forecasts

Based on your leading indicators, use AI to create thousands of econometric models. Automatically determine the combination of factors that provides the best forward-looking projection – including expected headwinds and tailwinds.

Continuously monitor your forecast and receive proactive real-time alerts

Prevedere continuously monitors your external indicators and predictive models, identifying changes in external forces and alerting you when changes might require action.

Complete AI-Powered Software Platform

Generative AI

Economic expertise

Artificial intelligence

Global economic data

Improve strategic decision making

Understand what external factors impact your business

Quantify risks and opportunities

Create planning guardrails through what-if analysis

Gain a heads up on market shifts before your competition

With a recession looming, we needed to get a smarter handle on commodity pricing, using Prevedere to identify the macroeconomic drivers and leading indicators of metals, and predictive models able to foresee when shifts will occur. 


With Prevedere, we’re able to quickly test our assumptions on what drove performance changes in the past. This ultimately allows us to make decisions for the future with greater confidence. 


All retailers and CPGs should plan top down like this, starting with a macroeconomic view of each key market. 
We can plan more strategically now by having a macro view of markets and additional insight for better forecasting and resource allocation.


Deliver significant business benefits

Improve accuracy

by incorporating leading indicators

Decrease costs

through supply chain efficiencies

Increase revenues

by accelerating growth plans

Accelerate insights

with better tools and automation

Transform forecasting & analysis across industries


Gain a real-time view of future shopper demand and drivers

Consumer Goods

Discover the hidden drivers that the CPG industry needs to know about market behavior


Understand the hidden drivers of demand for new and existing markets

Customer stories

Empowering digital transformation to anticipate market demand changes

Embracing Prevedere models as the base for forecasting and planning

Modernizing forecasting and planning processes amid market challenges

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