Prevedere Advanced Predictive Planning Platform

Enabling the Advanced
Predictive Enterprise

Prevedere Advanced
Predictive Planning Platform

The Prevedere Advanced Predictive Planning platform is a patented market-leading technology for identifying relevant external factors, creating forward-looking predictive models, enabling “what-if” analysis of potential future conditions, and monitoring for future market shifts.

Advanced analytics and
machine learning platform


Track record of validating thousands of predictive models

Model ready

Major investment in collating and preparing external data

Econometrics ready

Unique combination of data, algorithms and modeling


Systematic and repeatable for high frequency + volume

Enabling the Advanced Predictive Planning Lifecycle

Prevedere Advanced Predictive Planning enables systematic and scalable modeling

Forecast Accuracy

Leverages Prevedere economic forecasts and scenarios for each platform and key market around the world. Forecast accuracy is improving, and confidence in planning has skyrocketed.

Guard Rails

Economic baseline forecasts combined with market assessments by Prevedere's economists provide critical intelligence and the ultimate safety net for planners.

Market Savvy

Planners and leaders around the world now understand what really drives their business, and are way more knowledgeable about economic impact on supply and demand.

Prevedere Advanced Predictive Planning Platform

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