Understand the hidden drivers of demand for new and existing markets

Validate Expansion Plans Into New Markets

Prevedere helps manufacturing leaders make better forecasting decisions by providing real-time insight on their industry, their markets, and the demand for their products. Prevedere constantly monitors the world’s data and identifies future economic risks, with enough lead time to make meaningful changes in production, staffing, or marketing.

By using Prevedere, manufacturing companies have improved demand forecast accuracy by more than 20%.

Key Insights from Prevedere

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Prevedere allows the manufacturing industry to:

Validate expansion plans to avoid costly mistakes

Many manufacturers have expanded operations into untested markets only to exit after a sudden economic downturn in the new region. Prevedere can develop predictive models that will show the future economic and employment health of new markets. Manufacturing leaders can validate whether an expansion investment will be profitable before any resources are committed.

Discover the hidden drivers of demand

Using the most predictive leading indicators specific to a manufacturing company, Prevedere identifies and monitors all the drivers of demand. Business leaders can use these insights to challenge or defend long-held assumptions when planning for the future. By knowing all the factors that influence demand, manufacturing companies can be better prepared for future volatility.

Maximize return on capital expenditures

Prevedere provides operations leaders in manufacturing companies with a real-time future view of demand by market, either existing or new. By understanding the true internal and external drivers of demand, manufacturing company leaders can determine when and where to best invest in new equipment or infrastructure to maximize return.

Improved Forecast Accuracy

A leading home products manufacturer improved forecast accuracy by 18% ANNUALLY by leveraging economic leading indicators by market.
  • Discovered that weather is not as influential to demand as previously thought
  • Leading indicators such as permit data, employment and raw material costs were analyzed
  • Leaders completely redesigned forecasting process using Prevedere as a baseline

“Our challenge is production and inventory is only as strong as our sales input which don’t provide good visibility beyond 3 months. Now with Prevedere, we are more accurate to the executive leadership team, with our plant sites and a more accurate sense of what production is coming their way, not too much and not too little.”