Understand the hidden
drivers of demand for
existing and new markets

Validate go to market plans and strategies

With market certainty out of the window for the foreseeable future across almost all industries, accurate predictions of the future are no longer a luxury, but an absolute necessity. A manufacturer that creates forecasts based only on internal data and questionable assumptions, is living on borrowed time.

External data and AI prediction models, married with internal forecasts provide unprecedented foresight into manufacturing planning and big picture performance. There are tactical benefits for operational planners and strategic benefits for executives.

Better business outcomes


Improve forecast accuracy to drive merchandising and purchasing decisions

Supply Chain

Understand supply chain drivers, dynamics, trends and projections


Insight into customer demographics, preferences and consumption drivers


Predictions for cost management e.g. future price of commodities


Strategic intelligence for new market, location and category opportunities

The Prevedere
Advanced Predictive
Planning platform

Prevedere APP combines external data and predictive AI modeling to deliver more detailed, accurate and intelligent planning. It gives CFOs, FP&A, supply- chain and product management leaders the insights they need to make the right decisions, based on all available data, and fast.

Prevedere includes its own global indicators database and an Advanced Predictive Planning (APP) platform. Our data scientists and economists work with you to create market-leading short-, medium- and long-term prediction models.

APP identifies unique external drivers and leading indicators for each market segment in which your products operate. This enables increased validation and accuracy in predicting both your own demand and total market demand. That’s why Prevedere helps Hexion with demand planning beyond 3 months, helping them with predictions, headwinds and tailwinds in each of their target markets.

Identify the true leading indicators for your lines-of-business

Use advanced AI to build the best-fit models for your target markets

Increase the overall predictive accuracy of your planning by up to 20%

Monitor prediction data to detect market shifts before they happen

Prevedere forecasts layer seamlessly with existing planning platforms

More valuable planning outputs

12–18 month rolling forecast:

improve short-term planning for products and divisions. Blending internal and external monthly forecasts for greater accuracy and agility.

2–5 year forecast:

quantify the impact of key economic and demographic trends on your business, so you can validate investment and working-capital decisions based mid to long-range projections.

Scenario planning:

Vary planning assumptions and create what-if forecast scenarios, for planning multiple outcomes, greater agility and competitive advantage.

Top 3 use cases in manufacturing


Validate expansion plans to avoid costly mistakes

Many manufacturers have expanded operations into untested markets only to exit after a sudden economic downturn in the new region. Prevedere can develop predictive models that will show the future economic and employment health of new markets. Manufacturing leaders can validate whether an expansion investment will be profitable before any resources are committed.


Discover the hidden drivers of demand

Using the most predictive leading indicators specific to a manufacturing company, Prevedere identifies and monitors all the drivers of demand. Business leaders can use these insights to challenge or defend long-held assumptions when planning for the future. By knowing all the factors that influence demand, manufacturing companies can be better prepared for future volatility.


Maximize return on capital expenditures

Prevedere provides operations leaders in manufacturing companies with a real-time future view of demand by market, either existing or new. By understanding the true internal and external drivers of demand, manufacturing company leaders can determine when and where to best invest in new equipment or infrastructure to maximize return.

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