Commodity Pricing

Improve manufacturing planning with external AI insight & commodity price prediction

Increased planning accuracy: a new imperative

Given increased economic volatility, manufacturers must find better ways to better manage pricing uncertainty—especially in raw material sourcing.

Prevedere’s global data, predictive AI modeling, and economist team offer a new class of pricing insight that provides an advantage over traditional planning methods. Market-validate manufacturing strategies and plans with predictive pricing intelligence to improve the quality of decisions and business outcomes.

Introduction to Prevedere’s Predictive AI for commodity pricing

Similar to the economist who considers five to ten top leading indicators that predict economic direction, Prevedere applies AI/ML predictive planning to commodity price direction.

Prevedere identifies each commodity’s unique leading indicators from a database of thousands, including agricultural weather patterns, global demand indexes, temperature and precipitation, export and import prices, oil and natural gas demand drivers, and more.

Prevedere creates and simulates future outcomes with back-tested econometric models, resulting in rolling monthly forecasts.

"With a recession looming, we needed to get a smarter handle on commodity pricing, using Prevedere to identify the macroeconomic drivers and leading indicators of metals, and predictive models able to foresee when shifts will occur."

- VP of Merchandising, Fortune steel manufacturer

Customer use cases

A Fortune 500 manufacturer of brand name food and meat products uses a range of agriculture commodity price models for more precise resource planning and cost management.

A protein cookie manufacturer leverages both predictive pricing models and economist insights for palm, wheat, sugar and crude, improving planning timing and accuracy.

A global manufacturer of bearings and power transmission products leverages Prevedere’s demand forecasts for their products and commodities pricing as critical inputs for monthly planning.

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