Market validated planning and
strategy for the tech industry

Market volatility is creating significant challenges for CFOs, FP&A and planning professionals

Prevedere’s Advanced Predictive Planning (APP) data, modeling and intelligence enables tech companies to enhance their competitiveness, profitability, and go-to-market strategy in the ever-dynamic tech industry. Prevedere empowers software, services, semiconductor and hardware companies to make more informed decisions by providing market foresight, that is based on each businesses’ leading indicators and economic-based predictions.

Custom foresight is created by firstly correlating a predetermined KPI (e.g. laptop demand) against millions of model ready macroeconomic, industry, trade and consumer leading indicators from thousands of sources such as Bureau of Economic Analysis, World Bank, Fed reserve, IMF, and Google Trends. The identified indicators are then injected into Prevedere’s econometric modeling platform, which creates, simulates and backtests thousands of models via machine learning algorithms.

The most predictive model generates monthly, quarterly and annual forecasts. These are economic baseline forecasts, which are then blended with internally generate forecasts. The result is a market-validated final forecast which significantly reduces forecast misses, which results in a range of cost efficiencies, go to market opportunities and competitive advantage.

Better planning across tech segments

Software / Services

With insights from Prevedere’s economic based planning, software companies can proactively adjust their marketing and sales strategies for both profitability and competitive advantage. Services businesses can allocate their resources, including skilled personnel and infrastructure, according to upcoming predicted economic shifts.


Semiconductor companies are vulnerable to market volatility. Economic-based planning intelligence aids in identifying and mitigating risks associated with economic fluctuations, whilst also being able to focus on growth and expansion initiatives. During downturns, they can concentrate on operational efficiency and maintaining stability.

Hardware / Equipment

Armed with Prevedere’s market validated demand forecasts, hardware companies can optimize manpower, raw materials, and production capacity. By aligning their strategies with economic trends, hardware and equipment companies can anticipate market shifts, make proactive adjustments, and grow their market share in their industry segments.

Better business outcomes


Reduce risk, drive growth with better financial modeling.


Drive price and promotion with better demand models.


Spot cost and supply-chain risks before they materialize.


Stay ahead of changing markets to react faster than your rivals.


Optimize sales performance with market-validated forecasts.

Top use cases in Tech


Strategic decision-making

Prevedere enables tech companies to make more informed strategic decisions. By analyzing economic indicators, market headwinds and tailwinds, and B2B/B2C behavior, companies can identify and quantify emerging risks and market opportunities. This helps in developing effective business strategies, expanding into new markets, launching new products, and adapting to changing market needs.


Capital management and investment decisions

Prevedere’s Advanced Predictive Planning (APP) provides tech companies with valuable insights for capital management and investment decisions. By modeling economic data, market trends, and interest rate scenarios, companies can optimize their capital allocation strategies and investment portfolios. This supports efficient capital deployment, maximizes investment returns, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.


Accurate risk assessment

Prevedere enables tech companies to assess and evaluate risks more accurately. By incorporating economic indicators, future market trends, and macroeconomic factors into econometric models, companies can gain a deeper understanding of the potential risks associated with different products and go-to-market strategies.

The Prevedere
Advanced Predictive
Planning platform

Prevedere APP combines extenal data and predictive AI modeling to deliver more detailed, accurate and intelligent planning. It gives CFOs, FP&A, supply-chain and category-management leaders the insights they need to make the right decision, fast.

Prevedere includes its own global indicators database and an Advanced Predictive Planning (APP) platform. Our data scientists and economists work with you to create market-leading short-, medium- and long-term prediction models.

APP identifies unique external drivers and leading indicators for each category in which your brands operate. This enables increased validation and accuracy in predicting both customer demand and total market demand. That’s why Kraft-Heinz uses Prevedere’s total category economic-baseline forecasts as a starting point for all planning cycles, whether monthly, quarterly or annually.

Improve overall planning accuracy

Identify the true leading indicators for your lines-of-business

Use advanced AI to build the best-fit models for your business

Increase the predictive accuracy of your planning by up to 20%

Monitor prediction data to detect market shifts before they happen

Prevedere forecasts layer seamlessly with existing planning platforms

More valuable planning outputs

12-18 month rolling forecast:

improve short-term planning for individual customer demand or the total market demand. Blending internal and external monthly forecasts for greater accuracy and agility.

2-5 year forecast:

quantify the impact of key economic and demographic trends on your business, so you can validate investment and working-capital decisions based long-range projections.

Driver-mix analysis:

logistics customers use this to blend internal drivers (e.g., price, promotion, and distribution) with external drivers, to generate more holistic forecasts. This is similar to marketing mix modeling.

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We help Kraft Heinz forecast each of their major food platforms and identify which economic drivers impact their business.

We help Cooper Tire (Good Year) to forecast demand for their brands/products to optimize their supply chain needs.

We help Dollar General understand their target market drivers, identify growth opportunities, and deliver forecasts for their strategic planners.

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