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Reduce data gathering and data analytics time by 90%. Spend more time gaining insights to improve business.

Is your time spent wrangling data?

Traditional data analytics projects require nearly 70% of project time to get raw data clean enough to input into any algorithm. Integrating external data adds the challenge of finding reliable sources with clean data.

Unfortunately, most sources (like government agencies) have data in antiquated, unstructured log files or have missing data. Your team could spend months wrangling this external data only to find no statistical relevance to the business problem you were tasked to solve.

Key Data Science & Analytics Insights

Economic Intelligence: Next Level BI

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E6: CEO Virtual Fireside Chat w/ Dr. Barry Keating – 10/20/20

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Businesses Need to Have the Right Balance of Soft Data and Hard Data in Their Forecasting Models

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Solve big problems quickly with millions of clean global data series at your fingertips.

Global Data API
By scouring thousands of sources daily, we have developed the first model-ready global data cloud. Search our database of millions global data sets as easy as a Google search. Refine your search by data, source, or frequency. Download the raw data to use within your application using our open API or directly into spreadsheets with our Excel plugin.

A financial forecasting intelligence correlation engine.

Correlation and Pattern Matching
Prevedere’s AI Correlation Engine determines the best leading indicators to use by rapidly analyzing millions of external data sets with any of your internal metrics. Using powerful machine learning techniques and cloud computing, you can determine the lead time and predictive confidence and create models in minutes rather than days.

Advanced Algorithms
Move beyond univariate ARIMA and trend smoothing. In addition to R-Integration, Prevedere gives you advanced statistical alogrithms such as multivariate, segmented multivariate, and our proprietary calculations to determine true correlations between your internal metrics and millions of external leading indicators.

Financial forecasting intelligence data integrations.

Hyperion/SAP integrations
Prevedere can seamlessly exchange data between Microsoft, Tableau, SAP and Oracle with our connectors. We even have a plugin for Microsoft Excel and Office365 to download any data set or forecast model directly into your spreadsheets for further analysis.

How do Prevedere data analytics work in the real world?

Prevedere CEO, Rich Wagner and his guest, Forrester Analyst, Mike Gualtieri discuss powerful trends in predictive analysis and the ways it can dramatically improve business performance forecasting.

With a sharp eye on practical implementation, they discuss: how to identify the external factors affecting your business and how to focus that knowledge into improved financial forecasts. Topics include:

  • Key challenges faced by executives in forecasting demand
  • The critical role economic factors play in forecast accuracy
  • How to make the most of your existing data and BI investment

Special thanks to our guest Forrester for participation in this webinar.

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