Understand the real demand drivers of the automotive industry

Enhance supply chain planning with global data and predictive AI

Automotive supply chains are increasingly complex and volatile, making supply-demand alignment a challenge—most organizations overproduce by 20%. Prevedere augments internal predictions with correlated leading indicators, empowering automotive companies to ultimately create more accurate forecasts, market-validated plans, and superior strategies.

Prevedere allows automotive industry professionals to:

Create more accurate demand forecasts

Accurate demand forecasts are central to driving supply chain plans. Use Prevedere’s economic based insights to reduce inventory costs, improve fulfillment responsiveness, better use working capital, and reduce time to market.

Gain a holistic view of automotive shoppers

A car is likely a consumer’s second largest purchase, and is subject to any number of economic and behavioral factors. Prevedere provides a unique market-based view into your buyers by individual, region, or segment.

Validate sales and production plans

Prevedere identifies and monitors predictive leading indicators specific to your business to validate your quarterly or yearly plans, and to optimize sales and production quotas around high-demand regions and months.

Maximize return on marketing spend

With Prevedere’s predictive insight into high-demand regions or months, automotive marketers can offer timely incentives and ad campaigns months ahead of competitors.

Marketing ROI

One luxury car company improved marketing ROI by 14% annually by using accurate demand models to optimize offers and ad spend. They analyzed consumer behavior factors like income, employment, and purchase intent to inform real-time monthly demand models.

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"We were able to shift from reactive to proactive with Prevedere, identifying market drivers and creating more holistic forecasts for superior supply chain planning."

- VP Supply Chain & Operations, automotive parts manufacturer

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