Understand the hidden drivers of the automotive consumer

Predict automotive demand by region

By using Prevedere, automotive companies have increased marketing ROI between 15-20% and improved regional sales forecast accuracy by 30%.

Prevedere allows automotive industry professionals to:

Gain a holistic view of automotive shoppers

A car is likely to be the second largest purchase made by shoppers. Brand loyalty, advertising, and incentives can impact sales. Other economic and consumer behavior factors can be just as critical. Prevedere gives car companies the complete view of their buyers by region and segment.

Validate sales and production plans

Prevedere identifies and monitors the most predictive leading indicators specific to an automotive company. Manufacturing and the sales organization can use Prevedere’s models to validate their quarterly or yearly plans, optimizing sales and production quotas based on the regions and months with the highest demand.

Maximize return on marketing spend

Prevedere provides marketers in automotive companies with future-looking insight by segment, metro, and model type. By understanding which months/regions will have the lowest demand, marketers can work with their agencies and finance teams to offer timely incentives and ad campaigns 12 to 18 months ahead of competitors.

Marketing ROI

A luxury car company improved marketing ROI by 14% ANNUALLY by optimizing offers and ad spend calendar using accurate demand models.
  • Every $100M of marketing spend was as effective as $114M annually
  • Automotive consumer behavior factors such as average hourly income, employment, and purchase intent surveys were analyzed
  • Real-time monthly demand models were generated by segment, region, and model type

Key insights from Prevedere

Automotive industry forecasting case study.

Data-Informed Forecast for Automotive Sales: Global Automotive Company Case Study
Prevedere worked with a major automotive manufacturer to uncover sales demand by retailer in key geographies.


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