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External insight for workforce planning

Change and market uncertainty is the new normal for workforce planning. Basing HR plans and demand forecasts on internal data or gut feel is no longer viable for planning success. Prevedere provides predictive intelligence based on business dynamics that organizations have no control over – the outside world.

Prevedere's advanced technology identifies the leading indicators for wages, employment, and benefits and creates econometric models based on the highest contributing indicators. Combined with model interpretation from our team of economists, Prevedere provides a unique layer of planning insight into enterprise workforce planning.

Introduction to Prevedere’s Predictive AI

Similar to an economist who considers the 5-10 leading indicators to predict the direction of the economy, Prevedere is able to apply a similar approach to Workforce planning, leveraging AI/ML based predictive planning.

Prevedere can provide an economic outlook of macro indicators for the overall economy, and what that means for organizations in general.

Prevedere identifies the unique leading indicators for wages, employment or benefits from a database of thousands, which includes hourly earnings, unit labor cost, real disposable personal income, economic policy uncertainty index, US labor productivity, and many others.

Prevedere then creates and simulates future outcomes with back tested econometric models, resulting in annual, quarterly and monthly forecasts.

"With a recession looming and ongoing uncertainty, we needed to get a smarter handle on future workforce conditions, using Prevedere to identify the macroeconomic drivers and leading indicators of wage rates, and predictive models able to foresee when shifts will occur."

- CFO, enterprise staffing company

Customer use cases

A national diner-style restaurant chain who opens over 1000 new locations each year leverages prediction models for future waiter wages, by state and MSA.

An American chain of variety stores leverages Prevedere’s heat maps and forecasts to quantify wage requirement over the next 12 months, with the goal of paying 5-10% to strategically attract talent.

A national retailer opens multiple distribution centers each year and leverages Prevedere prediction models for wages, by job type, and future availability of staffing resources.

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