Prevedere Predict

The modeling engine for
Advanced Predictive Planning

Prevedere Predict - Machine learning econometric modeling

Prevedere Predict is a predictive modeling engine that takes the leading external indicators identified by Prevedere Discover, and builds a multitude of predictive models. By leveraging cause and effect econometric forecasting methods, driven by machine learning and AI algorithms, thousands of predictive models are created based on permutations of the external indicators. The outcome for an organization is a series of forecasts (raw, CAGR, year on year) that enable market-validated forecasting and planning.

Rationale for leveraging Prevedere's
predictive AI engine

Based on econometric methods, with custom extensions

Thousands of models automatically created and simlulated

Millions of statistical tests to refine and rank models

Broad range of forecasting KPIs generated

Stages of the Predictive AI Lifecycle


Correlation engine able to identify specific drivers and lead/lag indicators related to either a corporate business or market segment

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Econometrics-based machine learning engine designed to create, score, test & refine predictive models, and generate forecasts

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Vary planning assumptions and project future business outcomes for 3 plausible macroeconomic scenarios: pessimistic, baseline and optimistic

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Automated monitoring of forecast models predictive health, providing an early warning system with alerts when prediction changes

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Increases the time and accuracy to build series models,
while providing transparent and intuitive results