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Prevedere’s Economist and Data Science teams have handpicked this set of indicators that they consider critical leading signals for the following US industries: Automotive, Chemical, CPG, Food & Beverage, Industrial Production, Non-Residential Construction, Residential Construction, Restaurant, Retail, Steel, Telecom

Specific indicators become valuable for an industry to watch based on three criteria:

  • Historical leading reliability: Some key indicators have value because of their consistent ability to signal economic downturns and recoveries throughout past business cycles
  • Relevance to current crisis: We have selected some indicators based on their unique relevance to this COVID-19 health crisis. Some indicators will highlight impacts that are especially unique to the social distancing and mandated nonessential business closings that are having an a particular impact on the economy in the near term.
  • Frequency and timeliness of data: Many traditional government data sources publish data on a monthly basis or even less frequently. And while some of these monthly datasets are still valuable to watch for economic reasons, we try to pair them with other, more frequently released datasets that will help signal current conditions faster.

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