China Consumer Insights

Exclusive access to the most advanced Chinese consumer behavior data and predictive insights

Timely insight into the Chinese consumer

In the rapidly changing Chinese economy, immediate and current data is critical to the success of any expansion into the country. Most efforts to harness information on China are costly and time-consuming, with data that can be incomplete or outdated.

Only Prevedere has unique access to timely and complete Chinese consumer insights including economic and behavioral data. All data sets have been thoroughly cleaned, optimized and ready for analysis with your current systems or can easily be integrated into our predictive forecasting engine.

Our China consumer insights data includes, among many others, the following categories:

Economic Factors
146,000 Data Series
Retail Indicators
98,000 Data Series
Consumer Behavior
2000 Data Series
67,000 Data Series

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China Consumer Insights – Thousands of data sets across 31 provinces can help:

china consumer insights

CPG Companies

With detailed demographic and economic sentiment data, CPG companies with a presence in China can improve production planning by forecasting demand by product, category and region. By including such data sets in our clients’ models, we have seen forecast error reduce by 50% or more. Read a CPG Playbook here.

china consumer insights retail

Retail Companies

Prevedere provides timely and detailed data not only on actual Chinese retail activity but also consumer purchasing intent. By including both “what was bought” and “what will be bought”, you can create predictive models to forecast sales and traffic across all store locations in the country.

china consumer insights Retail

Manufacturing Companies

Before making any decisions regarding your manufacturing plans in China, Prevedere can provide macro and micro economic insight to help you forecasts labor costs, identify financial risks, or predict raw material prices. Our China data is usually more complete than what is found in traditional sources.