Early Warning System

Add automated market monitoring
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Prevedere Early Warning System

Markets are constantly shifting, resulting in risk and opportunity depending on the line of business in question.  The question is, would it be possible to automatically monitor the unique leading indicators of your business and alert business owners when unexpected change in demand or cost is projected?



Prevedere Early Warning System (EWS) is a new target market monitoring and alerting system, combining the use of leading indicators, econometric AI modeling and statistical change analysis.



EWS automates the monitoring of business drivers and future outcomes, alerts for upcoming shifts, and enables the proactive adjustment of plans and resources. EWS can be applied to any layer or line of business, whether top line, or for a category, channel, region, brand or combination. In addition to demand, EWS can also monitor cost KPIs (e.g. freight cost, wages, raw materials). If the trajectory of a leading indicator shifts out of expectation, or the forecast for (e.g.) sales in Q3, or material costs for next year shifts out of plan or norm, alerts are triggered, with identification of the root cause indicators.


The result is more agile and smarter business.

The benefits of Prevedere EWS

Identify which external factors and leading indicators impact your business

Quantify the impact of unplanned future change in the form of risk and opportunity

Pivot plans and strategies to manage future risk and maximize opportunity

Early Warning System Sample

EWS can monitor multiple indicators that impact the business. When groups of indicators shift, the market may enter a new upturn or downturn. This visual allows you to group indicators into workbenches for advanced monitoring capabilities.  In addition, alerts based on custom rules are triggered when indicators or model predictions hit predetermined limits.

Stages of the Predictive AI Lifecycle


Correlation engine able to identify specific drivers and lead/lag indicators related to either a corporate business or market segment

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Econometrics-based machine learning engine designed to create, score, test & refine predictive models, and generate forecasts

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Vary planning assumptions and project future business outcomes for 3 plausible macroeconomic scenarios: pessimistic, baseline and optimistic

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Automated monitoring of forecast models predictive health, providing an early warning system with alerts when prediction changes

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