Grow profitability during a recession with precise planning.

"Prevedere has a unique combination of data sources and a modeling approach to predictive planning. Add to this economic expertise and services — and you have a powerful elixir for more precise planning and strategy..."

– Gartner report on Emerging Technologies     View Report

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Experience Prevedere's Advanced Predictive Planning platform for yourself.

Do you have the forecasting and planning solution to navigate a volatile market?

By working with Prevedere's global datasets, forecasting and planning platform, and expert in-house economists—your organization can realize both tactical and strategic advantages, including:

  • Forecast accuracy, where a 1% improvement results in millions of dollars of cost savings or revenue growth.
  • A new layer of understanding, with data-driven predictions, to help drive supply chain decisions.
  • Ability to attain insights and discover new and impactful consumer-level drivers.
  • Ability to attain market size projections and other financial metrics that were previously difficult to produce.
  • Avoid surprises or market blind spots, with a new confidence and ability to plan for future opportunity and risk.

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Get a heads up on market shifts before your competition.

Forrester analysis uncovered that one Prevedere customer, a U.S. chemical manufacturer with $3B annual revenue, experienced a ROI of 345% over three years. View Report

Prevedere forecasts layer seamlessly with existing planning platforms.

Prevedere uniquely enhances any existing technology and resources you have in place by aiding data discovery and correlation with our powerful store of global economic data.

Prevedere can stand alone as a primary predictive analytics solution or it can integrate seamlessly with your established software and processes.

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Optimizing forecasting and planning for Fortune 500 Organizations

The grocery business is a byproduct of how things are going in the economy. We need to be acutely aware of how it impacts our business.

In terms of strategic planning, Prevedere has allowed us to appropriately allocate capital investments to businesses that are forecasted to grow.

In building our annual operating plan, Prevedere is providing the starting insights for how KraftHeinz can react appropriately to changes in the market.

Prevedere has become an indispensable partner...

Prevedere provides Fortune 500 companies the competitive advantage of knowing when to expect downturns or upturns in the economy, allowing CFOs to change course with confidence and foresight.

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Don't let the your competitors get an edge.

By working with Prevedere's global datasets, scenario planning platform, and expert in-house economists, your organization can react faster to changing markets with more accuracy than your rivals.

Prevedere is purpose-built for CFOs and Strategic + Operational Planners who need better business outcomes.

Suzano Case Study
Case Study

Prevedere worked with the largest paper and pulp company in Latin America to transform its planning and forecasting.

Improved Forecasts & Plans
Enabling the creation of market-validated plans and strategies.
Planning Transformation
New layers of insight to business teams.
Multidisciplinary & Diverse Teams
Diversity played a major role in creating a common understanding of what drives the business.

View case study


Advanced analytics through AI & machine learning

The Prevedere Advanced Predictive Planning platform is a patented, market-leading AI/ML technology for identifying relevant external factors, creating forward-looking predictive models, enabling “what-if” analysis of potential future conditions, and monitoring for future market shifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can advanced predictive planning enhance my company's current forecasting and business planning process?

Simply put, Advanced Predictive Planning brings more fact-based and data-driven insights. 

Prevedere helps minimize bias and guesswork of traditional planning, allowing your team to really understand what's driving your business.

Our cloud analytics engine leverages global data, econometric machine learning, and economist expertise to deliver significant value to strategic planners—enabling executive and financial management to more-accurately predict and plan for future headwinds and tailwinds.

Will I have to replace our current forecasting process?


Prevedere is an additive layer. It will not disrupt your operational software nor will it replace the existing forecasting procedures that your teams have already developed.

Will integrating Prevedere be disruptive to my organization?

Prevedere can be seamlessly integrated into most organizations and technology stack. This means that there will be limited disruption, all while adding significant benefits to your organization.

How does Prevedere integrate into existing FP&A and BI technology stack?

Our platform can easily connect to traditional planning and forecasting tools—such as SAP, Hyperion, Anaplan, Workday, or even Excel—with our open API. We also help companies develop dashboards in Power BI and Tableau,

Our APIs and Excel add-on allows you to share data back and forth with current systems, keeping all of your data consistent and in the format that you typically use in forecasting and planning.

What is Prevedere’s competitive advantage?

Prevedere has four patents related to “systems and methods” for modeling, forecasting, econometrics, and leading indicator time shifting.

With our unique combination of data sources and modeling approach to predictive planning, Prevedere delivers rolling 12 to 18 month forecasts, two-to-five-year mid-to-long term compound annual growth rates, and scenarios with upside, baseline, and downside predictions.

Add to this economic expertise and services — and you have a powerful elixir for more precise planning and strategy.


Can Prevedere's platform keep up with an increasingly volatile market?

In short, yes.

Prevedere’s intelligent forecasting platform makes it possible to better quantify and plan for external forces and fluctuating market dynamics thanks to the powerful combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Our platform has supercharged the ability to make accurate performance predictions based on millions of economic leading indicators and model refinements. 

Prevedere’s AI-based analytics engine focuses on external real-time insights and creates hundreds of predictive models based on various permutations and combinations of those indicators. Our machine-learning algorithms then enable each subsequent model to learn from the last, reducing errors until the model with the best score is presented.

For more information, please visit

How can Prevedere help make my job easier?

Prevedere helps you and your team to be more automated, systematic, and accurate in forecasting and planning. 

From marketing campaign simulation to demand forecasting—The Prevedere Advanced Predictive Planning platform is a patented market-leading technology for identifying relevant external factors, creating forward-looking predictive models, enabling “what-if” analysis of potential future conditions, and monitoring for future market shifts. 

Financial planning & analytics

Creating reports of internal metrics is easy. But what about the hundreds of external factors that impact your business. But it’s impossible to forecast the entire global economy in real-time, right? With Prevedere, you can.

We collect millions of global data-sets, update them daily, and ensure they’re “model-ready”. We can help you quickly find the hidden leading drivers of your company’s revenue or profit. We will assist you reduce forecasting errors by 50% or more, and reduce reporting and planning process time by 70%.

Category & brand management

Optimize your marketing spend using predictive analytics. Use relevant real-time economic and consumer behavior indicators to grow your business. Plan your marketing with unprecedented insight.

Economic benchmarking

Our advanced economic and modeling engine allows companies to determine how sales performance would be affected by external factors (economic, environmental or consumer behavior) without the influence of advertising spend or pricing changes. This will give your team a solid baseline to assess marketing effectiveness.

Campaign impact validation

Determine if boosts in sales were truly the result of marketing campaigns vs merely changes in economic conditions or consumer sentiment.

Future Campaign Simulator

When creating a marketing strategy for this year or next, use our Campaign Simulator to understand the expected future outcome of advertising campaigns. 

Schedule and allocation optimizer

With our vast data store of thousands of media performance metrics and customer behavior leading indicators, we can help optimize scheduling and media channel selection to deliver the most impact on sales.

Sales planning & forecasting

Develop more accurate and defensible sales planning and forecasting

Prevedere uses the power of cloud computing for you to analyze the impact of economic and consumer behavior trends at city, regional, and national levels. Sales planning and forecasting allows you to create a data-driven and defensible sales plan for all your products and territories with exceptional predictive insight.

Demand planning & forecasting

With our Demand Planning and Forecasting solution, you can leverage the most predictive economic leading indicators of your top line, every single SKU in your supply chain, across all your regions. 

In a matter of minutes, you and your team can analyze your internal data against millions of external factors to identify leading indicators of demand changes. 

Our proprietary algorithms use advanced statistical analysis and pattern matching to provide you unprecedented insight into what drives your business. By using the processing power of cloud computing, you can run multiple analyses at once – by business unit, product category, SKU level – nationally or regionally.

By leveraging true drivers of demand using both internal and external factors we help companies reduce forecast error by greater than 50% on average.

Data science & analytics

Reduce data gathering and data analytics time by 90%. Spend more time gaining insights to improve business. 

Traditional data analytics projects require nearly 70% of project time to get raw data clean enough to input into any algorithm. Integrating external data adds the challenge of finding reliable sources with clean data.

Unfortunately, most sources (like government agencies) have data in antiquated, unstructured log files or have missing data. Your team could spend months wrangling this external data only to find no statistical relevance to the business problem you were tasked to solve.

Prevedere helps you solve big problems quickly with millions of clean global data series at your fingertips with our Global Data API.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

We provide dedicated services and support to enable customers throughout the entire journey. 

From initial onboarding and training to best-in-class econometric modeling services, to economic consulting, to data and integration services—our team will focus on delivering maximum value for each and every engagement.

For more information, schedule a strategy call.

How do we get started? 

Give us a call or use our online form to request a strategy call.

We will start by building a roadmap for you. It can be as simple as revealing some insights right away with a report, an Excel file, or a PowerPoint that you need for your next planning session… Then we can get more sophisticated, with questions like:

  • How is your organization structured today? 
  • How do we want to roll out these predictive models? 
  • What tools or technology do we need to integrate or develop?

Our goal is to consistently provide you with an automated, repeatable, and systematic way to leverage intelligent forecasting.