Prevedere Predictive Analytics Cloud

Powerful cloud-based analytics software + integrated global data

Predictive analytics + global data. The best of both worlds.
There are BI and analytics platforms, but you need to supply the data. With data providers, formatting and importing is up to you again. With Prevedere Predictive Analytics Cloud, you can have both out-of-the-box.

Prevedere Predictive Analytics Cloud Includes

Predictive Analytics

Over 2.5M Global Data Series

  • Prevedere Indicators: economic, consumer behavior, labor/wage, sentiment, weather trends, social/online and more
  • 250+ sources, 160+ industries and regions, updated daily
  • Analysis ready data, categorized and ranked by best leading indicators by industry.

External Real-time INsights

  • Machine-learning based analytics engine that reduces data identification and testing as much as 90%
  • Discovers best leading indicators to use based on correlation, industry, region, and lead time
  • Mimics the proven economic analysis methodology with the power of cloud computing

Predictive Analytics Platform

  • Data-discovery and financial analysis
  • Intuitive time-series model builder
  • Advanced model tuning and backtesting
  • Reporting and system integration
Prevedere Predictive Analytics