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Real world, model-ready data for enterprise BI and analytics

Embrace the Value of External Data Indicators

Every business is influenced by outside factors and indicators, demographic shifts, economic conditions, consumer sentiment and more. Prevedere Indicators include millions of high-quality time series data sets that are ideal for predictive analytics, big data analytics and BI reporting.

Prevedere data and indicators are clean, comprehensive, continuously updated and proven by their use in thousands of predictive models across a range of industries. Access Prevedere Indicators using Prevedere’s AI Modeling Engine or bring the data into your own analytics environment.

We can set up a data feed to your data lake or data warehouse, or you can import indicators into popular BI and analytics tools, including Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, SAS, Excel and many more.

All-Inclusive package
Over 3 Million Leading Indicators | 2+ Million Data Sets | 250+ Trusted Data Sources | 168 Industries and Vertical Markets | 8 Macroeconomic Sectors | Global Coverage

Real World Global Indicators Data

Say goodbye to hours-long internet searches, questionable sources and incomplete data. With Prevedere Indicators, companies get a comprehensive set of external leading indicators that are: 

  • Analysis-Ready: Clean, current and well-formatted
  • Context-Rich: Tagged with industry, geography and more
  • Proven: Validated in 1,000s of predictive models
  • AI-Powered: Made more relevant with machine learning
  • Exclusive: From unique or hard-to-access sources

Companies that leverage the predictive value of external indicators have a market value two to three times higher than those that do not. Prevedere Indicators make it easier than ever to find and use data from outside an organization’s own four walls.

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Extend your analyses with Prevedere Indicators

“To better understand the marketplace, it is incumbent for organizations to look beyond their own four walls for data sources.”

Douglas Laney
VP, Gartner Research