A collection of resources to help you prepare and plan for whatever is next

Are you prepared for Covid uncertainty?

The following curated resources highlight best practices for planning and forecasting. From external data to econometric modeling, these methods are proven and enable companies to mitigate risk and seize market opportunities when leveraged correctly.


The Role and Requirements of Data

Leveraging external data to create accurate and predictive forecasts (with Senior Economist, Michelle Green)

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Is your company leveraging external data the right way? A Checklist of Data Requirements for Forecasting + Planning in the COVID Economy


Building Accurate and Predictive Models

Building Predictive Models to Navigate Uncertainty in the COVID Economy (with Economist, Gavin Thomas)

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Best practices for building, maintaining, and leveraging predictive models to support business growth in the COVID economy


Additional Resources

How to Navigate Uncertainty in the COVID Economy

In this Executive Q&A, Rich Wagner, Prevedere CEO, joins Chrissy Wissinger to discuss how companies can enhance their forecasting methods and business planning to mitigate risk and identify growth opportunities in the COVID economy.

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eBook: New Norm for Covid Era

This eBook explores the new economic challenges faced by business, and ways to identify, predict and plan for future market volatility, including several customer use cases.

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