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Prevedere helps Suzano in its digital transformation journey

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Suzano is a Brazilian bioproducts company with a presence in over 80 countries. Headquartered in São Paulo, Suzano is the largest distributor of paper and graphic products in South America, with a strong and growing business in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. As part of Suzano’s digital transformation and commitment to innovation, the company wanted to be better positioned to anticipate and react to the dynamics of its target markets.

Suzano’s challenge

Suzano had several challenges with forecasting and market intelligence that led them to explore predictive modeling. Challenged to understand Chinese product use and consumption for their product categories, Suzano wanted greater foresight into demand expectations for their downstream segments. The company also wanted to identify any unusual business drivers and their respective contributions and impact on their businesses.

Prevedere’s solution

Suzano’s initial models for tissue paper production, printing and writing paper products, and tissue sales fulfilled three major goals:

  • Able to identify business headwinds and tailwinds via 3-month outlook scenario models.
  • Improved strategic decision-making and contingency options by incorporating external data into planning processes.
  • Provided economic intelligence to the leadership team through the delivery of quarterly economic reviews for use in budgeting, earnings calls, and board reviews.

The outcome

By leveraging new classes of data, econometric modeling, and AI, Suzano can now provide new layers of insight to business teams. Predictive models and forecasts are highly valuable allowing the organization to optimize their supply chain resourcing, improve customer service levels, and improve their overall strategy and performance. Suzano has modernized its planning process by augmenting existing forecasts with unbiased economic baselines, enabling the creation of market-validated plans and strategies.

Prevedere was fundamental in helping us in that digital transformation journey of really being educational for everybody. How? We have to look at external data. We have to combine external with internal data to have the full picture, to have the holistic view, and really to better position ourselves in the market.

Felippe Pardini De Souza   Pulp Market Intelligence Manager

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