Why Prevedere?

Understand Tomorrow Today with Prevedere's Predictive AI

Economic uncertainty continues to impact and disrupt the plans and strategies of organizations worldwide.  Modern businesses must understand, quantify and incorporate predictions of future volatility into their planning models and processes, in order to effectively manage risk and maximize opportunity.


Prevedere is your economics-based predictive analytics partner – we help businesses quantify the impact of market volatility, such as rising inflation, wages, and material costs, and create macroeconomic-based forecasts to augment and strengthen your planning.

By identifying the precise economic and industry drivers of specific lines of business, econometric models can be created that deliver macroeconomic-based predictions for use as planning starting points, consensus forecasts, guard rails, and target market intelligence.

For CFOs and Strategic + Operational Planners

Find and Predict the External Factors That will Impact Your Business

Quantify the Risks and Opportunities These Factors Will Cause

Factor these Predictive Insights into Plans and Forecasts

Protect Your Business Against Future Economic Volatility

Business Use Cases for Prevedere's Predictive AI

We help a global CPG forecast each of its major food platforms, identify which economic drivers impact business and establish a planning baseline

We help a national retailer incorporate consumer behavior, economic, and market data into their merchandise planning forecasts for all channels

We help an industrial packaging manufacturer identify the drivers and outlooks for their lines of business, to drive pricing + targeting of most profitable segments

We help a chemical manufacturer with demand planning beyond 3 months, helping them with predictions, headwinds and tailwinds in each of their target markets

We help a global logistics organization build scenario plans across business units by including external economic + market data into their forecasting

We help a national health care company by providing long range forecasts to use with their retailer’s expectation setting of category sales

We help a large retailer decode the economic drivers that are impacting their business and understand headwinds and tailwinds ahead of earnings calls

We help an automotive retailer forecast demand for their portfolio of products so they can optimize their supply chain planning and needs

“All retailers and CPGs should consider macroeconomic factors to improve their business planning. Not only will forecasting accuracy improve, but go-to-market planners will be fully educated as to what external factors are important to their markets.”

Bernardo Fiaux, Global Head of Excellence and Capabilities

The Kraft Heinz Company

Who Specifically in the Organization Leverages Predictive AI?

Planning Intelligence is Critical to Multiple Roles

Office of the CFO and FP&A

C Level and Business Leadership

Sales and Operational Planners

Category and Brand Managers

Procurement and Supply Chain Managers

AI and Data Scientists

Future Proof Plans and Forecasts Amid Economic Uncertainty

Avoid running your businesses with blindspots.  With Prevedere you can identify which economic and industry drivers impact each of your markets and lines of business, and then quantify and incorporate the predictions into your forecasts and plans.

Prevedere enables business professionals to follow a logical sequence of steps to create and maintain a predictive and protective planning layer, and move from uncertainty to confidence:


The predictive lifecycle enables complete business prediction and protection.  Prevedere is the global leader in the delivery of external data, AI/ML econometric modeling, prediction monitoring and economist interpretation of target markets for clients around the globe. We provide a layer of predictive AI insight that can be easily integrated into existing planning processes and systems. To learn how Prevedere’s predictive AI data and technology enables the lifecycle, click here.

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Partnering with Prevedere provides instant access to the world’s data, an advanced econometrics modeling engine and a team of experienced economists.  “Right in the palm of your hand”, as one of our client’s recently stated.

Please feel free to review our website for more information about use cases, roles, industries, our predictive AI platform, and our team of economists.

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