Is your strategy considering the macroeconomic factors that impact your business? Probably not.

If not, you’re only considering 15% of influencing factors

According to Harvard Business Review, as much as 85% of business performance is influenced by external factors, such as recession, inflation, wages, commodity and oil prices, employment, trade policy and consumer spending.
Advanced Predictive Planning gives you 100% visibility of the factors that drive your performance.

Advanced Predictive Planning: a quick overview

Advanced Predictive Planning (APP) brings the sources of external intelligence into corporate planning. It augments internal data with rich, validated, current insights from outside the business. These are the sources that professional economists use to issue their guidance, globally.
APP embeds these insights into corporate strategy with tools, frameworks, and models that dynamically inform the business plan as target market forces change. Advanced Predictive Planning uses AI and predictive analytics to anticipate changes and plans for them before they arise.

In today’s volatile and uncertain world, being able to react quickly and autonomously to changes is critical to creating a competitive advantage.

Advanced Predictive Planning in practice

Layers onto existing planning tools

Augments internal forecast with external lens

Rapid time to value as a managed service

Identifies and monitors unique business drivers

Years of proven use by Fortune 2000

The fundamental objective of Advanced Predictive Planning is to provide the forewarning that enables companies to understand how external conditions will impact different operational aspects of the organization.

Economists can predict shifts in the economy. With Advanced Predictive Planning your business can too.

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