Speaker Victor Casalino, CFO, Americas, Global Sales, Marketing, and Operations, Microsoft

Webinar on the CFO Journey and Shareholder Value

Stay ahead of economic headwinds and tailwinds with a measurable bottom-line impact

In today’s volatile business environment, staying ahead of economic headwinds and tailwinds has a measurable bottom-line impact. How can companies accomplish this? They can stay ahead of these changes by leveraging economic intelligence, a business-critical competency made increasingly relevant today by advances in AI, cloud computing, and the proliferation of economic and other external market data.Listen in as Victor Casalino, CFO of Microsoft Americas, and Rich Wagner, CEO of Prevedere, discuss real-world experiences that reveal how finance leaders can operationalize economic intelligence to achieve greater confidence in business planning, reduced operating costs, and improved credibility with investors.

About the Speakers:

Victor Casalino, CFO, Americas, Global Sales, Marketing, and Operations, Microsoft
Victor Casalino was appointed CFO for the Americas region at Microsoft in July 2019. In this capacity, Victor leads the finance function for United States, Latin America, and Canada regions. He provides finance and strategic leadership to the most dynamic and largest geography for Microsoft, including deep business partnership and insight, allocation and prioritization of sales and technical resources, and compliance and digital transformation in finance.

Rich Wagner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Prevedere
Rich Wagner has 15 years of leadership experience with Big Four consulting and Fortune 500 companies. He has worked with C-level executives on major corporate initiatives that include preparing due diligence on dozens of multi-billion-dollar mergers, acquisitions, and corporate projects. Rich’s experience encompasses a variety of industries, including manufacturing, consumer goods, and retail. Rich is a Veteran, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Ohio State University, as well as a Master of Business Administration.

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