Webinar: How to boost insights with external data

WEBINAR: How to Boost Insights with External Data

with Economist Jessica Dolezal

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Most companies can easily analyze their internal historical data (past sales, revenue, web site visits, orders, etc). External factors (wages, sentiment, weather patterns, etc)  can impact as much as 85% of a company’s performance. Unfortunately, this kind of data goes largely under used.

In this webinar, Jessica Dolezal, Data Scientist at Prevedere and John Sydnor, EVP of Sales and COO from Prosper Insights & Analytics, will share some of the best sources of external data. They will also discuss how companies can include economic and consumer data into their analysis to drive meaningful, forward-looking results.

About Jessica Dolezal

Jessica Dolezal has worked across verticals to apply data to business problems. She is most intent on driving toward sustainable solutions that bring measurable improvement to her customer’s business. She studied Economics at Ohio State University and holds various NABE certificates in Econometrics.
About John Sydnor

John Sydnor has gained extensive expertise in creating new sales/marketing teams, go-to-market strategies, change management and brand execution.  John compliments these skills with unique experience spanning from early stage startups (pre-IPO) to Fortune 20 organizations such as IBM, Oracle, Apple Computer, Publicis, Morgan Stanley and various emerging technology firms where he has led efforts in data analytics, predictive modeling, numerically intensive computing applications, digital asset management, economic development and pharmaceutical consulting.  John is currently executive vice president at Prosper Insights & Analytics where he leads the firm’s new business development activities and ongoing sales efforts.

About Prevedere

Prevedere is an industry insight and predictive analytics company, helping business leaders make better decisions by providing a real-time view of their company’s future. Our external real-time insights engine constantly monitors the world’s data, identifying future threats or opportunities to business performance. Along with a team of industry experts, data scientist, and economists, Prevedere helps business leaders make the right decisions in an ever-changing world.

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