Webinar: Beyond the Factory Floor with TimkenSteel

Webinar: Beyond the Factory Floor with TimkenSteel

Maximizing Predictive Analytics for Manufacturers

Look Beyond the Factory’s Four Walls to Maximize
Predictive Analytics

Webinar: Beyond the Factory Floor
Growth in the manufacturing sector has contracted for the first time in nearly a decade. In the midst of a trade war and with an economic slowdown looming, the urgency for manufacturing companies to gain the best insights into the factors that affect their business is more important than ever. Many companies are using data and advanced analytics to support critical strategic and operational decisions; however, many fail to include a key component in their approach—using BOTH internal and external data.

Hear from the Experts
In this webinar, Bob Vandervaart from TimkenSteel joins us to discuss how to truly maximize the depth and accuracy of insights into what drives your business by incorporating external factors, such as industry data, economic data, survey data, etc., into your business planning processes. This approach, for example, enables companies to gain better insight into their supply chains, plan better for market disruptions, and know where to best invest marketing dollars. We will also share examples of how companies are using predictive analytics to drive economic intelligence for their business and how these insights can be operationalized throughout different departments of an organization.

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