Webinar: 2020 US Economic Outlook

Webinar: 2020 US Economic Outlook

Economic outlook for 2020 including both market risks and opportunities

Check out leading macro indicators to watch to stay ahead of the game

Heading into 2020, there are obvious areas of concern for the health of the US & global economy, creating major challenges for companies currently in their annual planning process. Trade wars, volatile oil prices, geopolitical uncertainty, and foreign economy contraction are all signals causing concern over if the current pace of economic growth is sustainable. However, there are some stronger signals in the US right now coming from the consumer.

What do these indicators mean when it comes to market volatility? Which clues can companies watch for to be better prepared amid global uncertainty?

Hear from an Expert
Please join us for a webinar as Thomas Kilbane, Sr. Economist at Prevedere, details leading macro indicators that provide the pulse of the US economy and foreshadow the coming year. Executive insights such as these are a critical input in 2020 planning processes, providing leaders with a forward-looking view of their business. Attendees will walk away with valuable information that will help them solve for both future risk and opportunity, allowing them to succeed in an uncertain market.

Key take-aways include:

  • Brief overview of the current state of the economy
  • Economic outlook for 2020 including both market risks and opportunities
  • Valuable external data that can be used for 2020 planning assumptions
  • Leading macro indicators to watch to stay ahead of the game
  • Industry example of how companies can leverage leading indicators in their planning process

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