Find out what the global macroeconomic data tells us about the market

On-Demand Webinar: 2020 Global Economic Outlook

Leading macro indicators to watch to stay ahead of the game

On-Demand Webinar on the 2020 Global Economic Outlook

Trade wars, Brexit, tariffs, and foreign economy contraction are all issues causing concern regarding the current state of the global economy. This uncertainty is creating major challenges for companies in their planning processes for 2020.

What does global macroeconomic data tell us about the market? Which indicators can companies monitor to be better prepared heading into the new year? Join us for a webinar as Michelle Green, Sr. Economist at Prevedere, details leading macro indicators that provide a story of how the 2020 global economic landscape is likely to unfold. She will discuss the key themes and economic insights that can help drive business strategy through 2020. Executive insights such as these are crucial in navigating a turbulent economy by both mitigating risk and identifying opportunities.

Key take-aways include:

    • 2020 global economic outlook
    • Impact of rising uncertainty on the global economy
    • Global regions most at risk
    • Bright spots in the outlook
    • Impact of global economy on US outlook

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