On-Demand: How Businesses can Effectively Navigate Uncertainty in the Post-COVID Era Economy

Five foundational requirements for enabling strategic planning and forecasting within the intelligent enterprise

As a result of the global pandemic, uncertainty and volatility have almost become commonplace across the economy. Yet, despite this continual market volatility, the US economy and other major economies across the globe have displayed healthy growth that will most likely continue into next year. While this macro-level snapshot paints a pretty picture, it does not accurately portray the circumstances of many companies and industries.

Growth and contraction have been uneven between industries, categories, geographies and nearly all business segments. In planning for the post-COVID economy, many companies are hoping for a return to a pre-pandemic market normalcy, but the reality is that this trend will continue as the “new normal” for the foreseeable future.

The result is that the only certainty in the post-COVID economy is continued uncertainty and volatility. Yet as companies continue to forecast, plan and navigate within these conditions, major external factors such as inflationary conditions, consumer behavior patterns and supply chain challenges will need to be addressed concurrently. This only adds more complexity for building accurate forecasts that will identify any upcoming market shifts and changes that will impact a company’s ability to grow their sales.

How can businesses develop the right infrastructure and processes to effectively navigate uncertainty in the post-COVID era economy?

In this on-demand webinar, Andrew Duguay, Chief Economist at Prevedere, addresses the new approaches that companies must adopt to accurately forecast and plan in the post-COVID economy, including:

  • Understanding the new approach to forecasting and planning
  • Identifying the necessary resources and processes
  • Implementing a seamless implementation into current business structures


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