How should US retailers adjust their plans to account for the impact of rising gas prices?

Gas prices are at a historic high in terms of the number you see at the pump, and this is combined with higher overall price growth than we’ve seen in a generation.  This combination has lots of consumers beginning the process of cutting back on spending, especially in areas like travel and other luxuries.  

So far, retailers have mostly been impacted by higher transport costs, but as gas prices remain high, consumers are beginning to turn back more to non store retail, as well as consolidating their shopping trips and looking to cut back on spending – buying more store brands and cutting back on small luxuries.

In this five minute video interview, Prevedere’s senior economist Lindsey Peterson, answers pressing questions regarding the impact of  rising gas prices on the retail industry, including:

  • What has been the impact of higher gas prices on the retail industry?
  • How do you expect this trend to continue for the rest of 2022?
  • How can retail executives best plan against the challenges that will arise due to high gas prices?


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