by Russ Banham

Intelligent Forecasting with Economic Indicators to Seize Market Opportunity and Momentum

In this paper, Russ Banham, Pulitzer Prize-nominated financial journalist and best-selling author, guides you through the big data challenges companies face today and the solution for navigating a sea of data and using it to strategically plan for the future.

What’s inside:

  • A candid look at the challenge of uncovering unique business indicators in a massive treasure trove of big data
  • Real-life narratives of how global leaders, such as Beam Suntory and GoPro, use data and analytics solutions to face challenges head on
  • How to turn data into economic intelligence and apply it across your business

Download your copy now to learn how early adopters of economic intelligence are using it in making strategic plans, capital decisions, and generating intelligent forecasts based not only on historical financial performance, but also current macroeconomic trends.

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