Predictive Analytics Cloud

The industry’s first augmented analytics software with machine learning and global data

Predictive analytics + global data. The best of both worlds.

Introducing the Predictive Analytics Cloud, the first augmented analytics solution that automatically predicts and quantifies the impact of external influences on future business performance. Use the power of machine learning to rapidly analyze millions of global data series updated daily from hundreds of sources.

Companies can easily discover the specific external leading indicators such as wages, employment, consumer sentiment, weather patterns, or search/social trends, that will impact their sales, costs or profitability.

Predictive Analytics Cloud Features

Access to Global Data

The Predictive Analytics Cloud comes with millions of global data series from hundreds of public and private sources. This data offering called Prevedere Indicators, is continually cleaned, formatted, updated and categorized by industry, region, seasonality and frequency. An intuitive interface allows users to search by tags to quickly identify the data most relevant to their business. Prevedere Indicators are available for easy download or can be integrated directly in an enterprise data lake or even on premise.


Automated Data Discovery

Powered by the AI Modeling Engine, users of all levels of expertise can quickly identify the most predictive leading indicators specific to their business. Simply select or upload the data to predict (e.g. historical monthly product sales, historical revenue, past category performance) and select options such as industry and geography. The AI Modeling Engine rapidly selects the most predictive leading indicators based on StrengthScore™, a proprietary combination of various statistics such as correlation, direction accuracy, industry relevance and the frequency of use in other analyses.


Automated Model Building and Testing

After discovering and ranking the best leading indicators, the Predictive Analytics Cloud automatically tests thousands of combinations of the selected data series against the data being analyzed. The result is an auto-generated predictive model with detailed statistical information such as the data used in the final model, MAPE, R-Squared, and directional accuracy. Users can even shift the time frame in the past to compare the new model’s performance to known historical data. This model predictive model represents the future external influence to company performance.


External Influence Analysis

External Influence Analysis
In additional to automating data discover and model building, the Predictive Analytics Cloud provides insights on how and when external factors affect business performance. The Relative Importance graphs show how much each external factor influences the company data being analyzed. The Component Contribution report shows the specific external factors that will provide headwinds or tailwinds to business performance, as well as their lead time.


Extensive Integrations

Predictive Analytics Cloud Integrations
While the Predictive Analytics Cloud can be used with a web browser, it can also be easily integrated in many popular enterprise-level planning platforms, BI tools, and CPM solutions. Without disrupting existing workflows or replacing any software, companies leverage the power of external insights, improving strategic planning, supply chain management, financial forecasting, and marketing strategies.

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