Economic Scenario Planning

Gain clarity during unprecedented uncertainty

Navigate Uncertainty with Economic Scenario Business Models

Planning during today’s economic climate is extraordinarily difficult. COVID turned the world on its side, and almost two years into the pandemic, companies are still struggling to find their footing in increasing uncertainty.

But the pandemic isn’t the only threat to consider. Business leaders must now also be well versed in and prepared for the impacts of inflation, labor market imbalance, and supply chain disruption. Never before have there been four massive economic situations happening at once. These tumultuous, atypical times demand a new approach to business planning and forecasting. Companies are in uncharted territory, and planning will continue to be unprecedented.

Economic Scenario Planning from Prevedere helps companies navigate these tumultuous times. Our enterprise-class solution projects future business outcomes under three plausible economic scenarios: Baseline, Optimistic, and Pessimistic. Companies can improve planning and risk management with a clearer view of the pandemic’s evolving impact, including variations by region and operating unit.

All-in-One Scalable Solution

Prevedere brings together the three capabilities needed for economic scenario planning:

1. A world of external data:

Our global data cloud features millions of leading indicators, including the near-term, high-frequency data required to track today’s rapidly changing conditions.

2. Econometric models:

Our AI-powered econometric modeling engine builds 1,000s of predictive models in minutes, and machine learning improves them over time.

3. Deep economic expertise:

Our senior economists draw on decades of experience to help companies interpret, use, and iterate their custom scenario plans.

With Prevedere, companies can achieve a more accurate and dynamic planning capability in a period of tremendous turmoil. The solution can be tailored to individual companies across more than a dozen industries.

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The value of economic scenario planning

Planning Accuracy

Sharpen strategic, financial, and operational plans with economic insights

Enterprise Resilience

Stay alert to the first signs of economic recovery—don’t get left behind

Risk Mitigation

Foresee and lessen the downside effects of the pandemic

Shareholder Guidance

Provide more informed forward-looking guidance to investors and the board

Improve plans and forecasts for 2021 and beyond

Assess the impact of 3 different economic scenarios on 2021 performance

Adjust plans with updated insights as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds

Apply scenario planning to business units, regional markets, and product categories

Test planning hypotheses with our experienced senior economists

Our Economic Scenario Planning Expertise

Creating reports of internal metrics is easy. But what about the hundreds of external factors that impact your business. But it’s impossible to forecast the entire global economy in real-time, right? With Prevedere, you can.

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  • Government Orders
  • Business Rebound
  • Consumers
  • Financial and Credit

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