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Last Updated: May 11, 2021


2021 Economic Outlook

Examination and findings on economic leading indicators

Welcome to the Economic Outlook Series

In our first economic update of the new year, Andrew Duguay, Prevedere Chief Economist, presents the State of the U.S. Economy: 2021 Outlook.

As the nation still wrestles with the COVID-19 pandemic and recession, the U.S. will continue to face economic challenges. In addition to his base case forecast and upside forecast, Andrew identifies risks and opportunities businesses should be considering in this discussion.

The U.S. economy will likely experience net recovery and economic growth, but elevated risk remains, impacting companies differently. There is no doubt that recovery will continue to vary across industries. The key to getting a handle on the pandemic’s continued effects specific to an organization is through injecting the right data into multiple scenario plans.

Key takeaways include:

  • 2020 economist reflections
  • 2021 base case and upside forecasts
  • 2021 opportunities: consumer cash, wages, disrupted markets
  • 2021 caution: risks, industries at risk, indicators to watch

This is a can’t miss discussion that provides expertise from an econometric perspective that offers a roadmap to deal with what’s to come in 2021.


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