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Strategic Planning Leveraging Predictive AI

ERIN Scenario - Powerful Economic Based Planning

Companies are now integrating economic scenario planning into their processes more than ever.  Scenario planning is about identifying a specific set of uncertainties, and developing different “realities” of what might happen in the future.  By default ERIN Predict creates a single economic baseline forecast for your business or target market based on its contributing external leading indicators. However, one or more of those leading indicators may be a key macroeconomic signal, such as a pricing index, or minimum wage, or employment cost index.  What-if questions then come into play:


How would 2022 inflation of 2%, 3% and 4% impact my divisional forecasts?

What is the impact of a minimum wage of $10.00, $11.25 and $12.50 over the next 3 years?

What kind of business guard rails should we put in place with oil prices of $80, $90 and $100?

Strategic planners may want to create plans with more flexibility by adding best case and worst-case scenarios, by changing the projection or trajectory of the contributing macroeconomic indicator(s).  This is where ERIN Scenario can provide systematic and repeatable planning agility, creating ‘optimistic’ and ‘pessimistic’ predictive scenarios in addition to the baseline forecast.

ERIN Scenario Overview

Scenario planning aims to define macroeconomic uncertainties and develop plausible scenarios in order to predict multiple outcomes and plan for each of them. Prevedere’s ERIN Scenario helps companies navigate these economic uncertainties, by creating future business outcomes for three plausible macroeconomic scenarios, from projected upside to baseline to downside. Companies can use these insights to sharpen forecasts and plans, improve shareholder guidance, and stay on top of increasing economic volatility.


Benefits of ERIN Scenario Planning

Identify external drivers, develop a range of plausible outcomes

Leverage timely insights in strategic, financial and operational plans

Improve planning accuracy and agility amid unprecedented uncertainty

Enable What-If planning activity based on predictive AI analytics

Stages of the Predictive AI Lifecycle

ERIN AI Technology Enables the Entire Lifecycle to Deliver Economic Based Prediction

ERIN Discover

Correlation engine able to identify specific drivers and lead/lag indicators related to either a corporate business or market segment

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ERIN Predict

Econometrics-based machine learning engine designed to create, score, test & refine predictive models, and generate forecasts

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ERIN Scenario

Vary planning assumptions and project future business outcomes for 3 plausible macroeconomic scenarios: pessimistic, baseline and optimistic

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ERIN Protect

Automated monitoring of forecast models predictive health, providing an early warning system with alerts when prediction changes

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Augment Existing Planning Systems with ERIN's Predictive AI

Validate your planning and strategy by combining internal forecasts with market-based predictive intelligence.
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Prevedere Enables the Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Discovery

ERIN Discover correlates millions of economic, industry and behavioral signals to identify the most impactful and predictive indicators for your organization and lines of business

Intelligent Forecasting

ERIN Predict enables the creation, testing and refining of economic based prediction models, forecasts and scenarios for use by CFOs, FP&A and operational planners.

Intelligent Monitoring

ERIN Protect is an automated AI capability that monitors future external market conditions for unplanned changes, and alerts business owners of unexpected future conditions.

ERIN Transforms the Old Way to Create Cause + Effect Models

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