Prevedere, a leader in business performance forecasting, is announcing strategic partnerships with Nielsen, Microsoft and Prosper Insights to further enhance the value of its predictive analytics solution. These alliances will heighten Prevedere’s forecasting capabilities across many industries and more easily integrate predictive insights within existing enterprise planning processes.

Predictive Insights Driven by Powerful Consumer Behavior Data 
Prevedere’s collaborations with leading data providers were strategically selected based on their unique ability to deliver quality data relevant to particular industries that Prevedere serves.

Prevedere was recently named one of the inaugural members of the Nielsen Connected Partner Program, an industry first solution for companies servicing the CPG and retail industry. The Nielsen Connected Partner Program enables partner companies and Nielsen clients to find each other and collaborate in an open ecosystem, freeing them from common barriers to connecting applications and data sets at scale. By integrating Nielsen’s rich consumer purchase data, Prevedere allows companies to predict future demand of products by category and geography, a particular benefit to enterprises operating in the CPG industry. This can greatly improve forecasting accuracy, leading to better distribution and optimized availability of products at retailers. Prevedere’s relationship with Nielsen also powers the unique ability to forecast the demand of competitors within the context of the global economy, allowing enterprises to protect their market share in an ever-changing world.

Similarly, Prevedere’s alliance with Prosper, a provider of consumer sentiment and future purchase intention data, enables retail companies to forecast store traffic and better understand the impact of pricing changes.

“Our alliances with these proprietary data providers will optimize the ease of use and power increasingly accessible and accurate predictive models for all of our clients,” said Chris Wheeler, director of partnerships and alliances at Prevedere. “We’re thrilled to partner with these industry leaders to not only help their clients make better data-driven decisions, but also to deliver our unmatched business performance forecasting capabilities more quickly and easily to enterprise organizations.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Prevedere being named a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner. As many enterprise planning processes rely heavily on Microsoft products, Prevedere customers can now access over 2 million global data sets and custom predictive models directly within tools such as Power BI, Microsoft’s newest data visualization solution, and Excel, either Online or within Office 365.

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About Prevedere
A leader in business performance forecasting solutions, Prevedere is a predictive analytics company that is changing the way businesses predict and prepare for future demand. With external factors such as energy prices, consumer spending and currency changes often at the root of missed forecasts, Prevedere empowers enterprises to easily integrate these influences into their existing forecasting processes. By tracking and managing thousands of global sources on economic, environmental and consumer behavior data, Prevedere’s correlation engine accurately determines which factors are true leading indicators for company revenues, profits and even individual products, nationally and locally. By augmenting internal data with external predictive analysis, Prevedere’s clients see an average 50 percent reduction in forecast error and reduce time to insights as much as 90 percent, resulting in smarter, more profitable decisions in an ever-changing economy.

Named Innovation Enterprise’s FP&A Innovation Awards winner in Forecasting and Planning, Prevedere solves a critical void in business planning. To learn more, visit and follow @Prevedere on Twitter.

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