Prevedere introduces Prevedere Generate, a Generative AI solution that brings powerful new forecasting capabilities to business users worldwide

Prevedere combines Generative AI with its Predictive AI engine, enabling executives, analysts, and FP&A teams to improve forecasts by incorporating external market data and insights

Sunnyvale, CA, October 17, 2023 – Prevedere, a leading provider of global intelligence and technology for advanced predictive planning, today introduced a new generative AI product, Prevedere Generate, into its advanced predictive platform. Featuring a natural language chat interface, Prevedere Generate overlays the Prevedere solution suite, enabling business users to quickly and easily incorporate industry and company-specific economic and consumer data into their forecast models to gain new insights related to leading indicators and business trends.

According to a recent KPMG survey, 72% of CEOs say generative AI is a top investment priority for their organizations. As demand for predictive planning software continues to grow, Prevedere will enhance Prevedere Generate with additional AI capabilities.

“We’re committed to enhancing our generative AI capabilities to further accelerate customer adoption and drive market expansion worldwide,” Rich Fitchen, Chief Executive Officer at Prevedere. “Our ongoing efforts combine generative AI with our patented technology and extensive econometric analysis expertise, allowing customers to quickly access actionable insights presented in easily digestible formats.”

Since its inception, Prevedere’s predictive AI engine, driven by external and internal data, has empowered enhanced decision-making and forecasting capabilities, enabling business leaders to reduce risk, identify market opportunities, and foresee impending economic and market shifts. Prevedere Generate builds on this capability by offering a natural language search that allows business leaders to uncover leading external drivers and add more context about historical and future events related to these indicators in record time.

With Prevedere’s customer base and revenue growing over 50% in the first half of 2023, the new product introduction comes on the heels of Prevedere’s recent executive transition. In his new role as Chief Product Officer, Rich Wagner focuses on expanding Prevedere’s solutions by embracing emerging technologies such as generative AI.

“Combining generative AI with our predictive AI engine is a natural step in evolving our product,” said Wagner. “I started Prevedere to fill a void in the forecasting process, and emerging technologies such as generative AI enable Prevedere to continue building the future of enterprise forecasting.”

Today, Prevedere Generate is available for customers using Prevedere Discover, and will roll out to other products later this year.

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