Coresight Report 2019

10 Retail Trends for 2019

Get Ready for Retail Reinvention

Prevedere is a proud sponsor of Coresight Research’s 10 Retail Trends for 2019. Coresight expects 2019 will not be the year of retail apocalypse or even decline. Instead, it will be a year of reinvention — for the retail sector as a whole and for physical stores in particular.

Download this report to see the top 10 retail trends for 2019.

Take a look at some of Coresight’s Top trends for 2019:

  • Cities will see more spectacular retail from a new generation of flagship stores.
  • “Fast Retail” will be marked by shorter leases, more shared spaces and more short-term stores.
  • Western retailers will borrow from “New Retail” with data-driven online-to-offline ventures.
  • Technology will continue to strip friction from brick-and-mortar retail.
  • Artificial Intelligence will become retailers’ go-to technology.
  • Startup partnerships will fuel new product development, digital improvements and operational efficiencies.

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Excerpts from this report on the top 10 trends for 2019