Last Updated: June 22, 2018

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Investment Firms Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Goals-Based Financial Planning

Investment firms are turning to predictive analytics to improve client experience, understand consumer trends in real time and improve goals-based financial planning efforts. These firms are implementing new technology to get a better picture of clients and their communication preferences and help advisers deliver better, more future-oriented advice. Read more here.

Predictive Analytics for Right-Brained Marketers

Modern marketing requires a combination of creativity and analytical thinking. This is especially true as pressure continues to mount on marketing teams to prove ROI. Predictive analytics can be a lifesaver for marketers who are more creative than analytical. This technology has helped teams improve prospecting, conversion and retention rates by using data to help teams understand who and where to spend their time. Read more here for a detailed breakdown.

How Tesco is using AI to gain customer insight

In an effort to compete with e-commerce, some retail chains have put themselves in a bind by continually slashing prices. Smart retail chains, however, are looking to predictive analytics to gain insights on consumer behavior and improve experiences, tapping into the data they generate every day to better structure sales and distribution networks. With over 60% of U.K. millennials reporting that they appreciate retailers that use artificial intelligence (AI) to offer them products that are more interesting, read how one retailer is meeting this need.

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