Last Updated: August 14, 2017

May 17 News Roundup: Investments in AI and Predictive Analytics Tools Are Soaring. Here’s Why.

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How Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics Makes Marketing More Competitive

Cloud-based predictive analytics is a valuable tool marketers are using to gain a competitive advantage and increase the ROI of their campaigns. As more companies are implementing this technology in their marketing departments, it’s important to understand where and how predictive analytics fits within your strategy. Do you need to improve your market research? Identify high conversion leads? What about improving customer experience? Click here to understand the strategies that’ll help your business get ahead.

Increased Visibility Improves Retail Supply Chains

Supply chains are charged with keeping up with ever-changing consumer demands and providing convenience for customers to drive purchases and brand loyalty. In today’s on-demand economy, retailers can’t afford supply shortages or delays. That’s why 72% of retailers are modernizing their supply chains with advanced predictive analytics and IoT technology for a 24/7 real-time view of inventory. Read more here.

Investments in Data-First Tools (Like Prevedere!) Surge to Make U.S. Workers Super-Productive

Just as a robotic exoskeleton increases the strength of its human operator, AI-powered analytic technology helps workers achieve far more than they normally could alone. How? New AI-powered applications prioritize data, delivering actionable recommendations in real-time. AI-powered software (like Prevedere!) can be used to identify situations that merit the attention of an employee and automates some required actions, allowing teams to focus on higher level actions and become more productive. For more examples of how this technology is changing the business world and to see why investments in such companies are soaring, click here.

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