Last Updated: June 22, 2018

April 19 News Roundup: Predictive Analytics Powers Pricing and Supply Chain Planning

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Predictive Analytics Is Key to Data-Driven Pricing

Predictive analytics is powering the digital revolution in retail. Retailers are using the technology to analyze consumer purchase/browser behavior to refine their pricing and targeting strategies. This is especially true in the e-commerce space, as brands like Amazon, Etsy and eBay have all invested heavily into adding predictive analytics technologies into their wheelhouse. In this Retail TouchPoints article, find out how retailers like these are taking advantage of predictive pricing.

Machine Learning + Predictive Analytics = Powerful Pairing

The benefits of predictive analytics have been well documented, but it is the powerful team of predictive analytics AND machine learning that enterprises should take advantage of. Machine learning performs well with large amounts of data and unstructured data and can outperform statistical techniques for prediction problems. The potential for this pairing to positively impact business performance is extremely broad as companies already implementing machine learning and predictive analytics are improving efficiencies of business processes across the board. Details here.

Predictive Analytics Tops List of Most Disruptive Supply Chain Innovations

MHI, the U.S.’s largest material handling, logistics and supply chain association, just released a report tracking the most disruptive innovations in the industry. Robotics, predictive analytics and driverless vehicles topped the list, with 89% of respondents reporting that they expect to be using predictive analytics in the next six years. See the full supply chain innovations report here.

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