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Thank you for visiting. As you focus on delivering an integrated health care experience, creating community health destinations, expanding your virtual primary care program and enhancing the consumer experience, external factors that are beyond your control can effect your plans.

With all the uncertainties especially due to the pandemic, you understand that external factors are a strong driving force. Organizations leverage Prevedere’s technology to identify economic drivers, build predictive models and create business and target market forecasts. By incorporating external signals and insights into their strategic plans and forecasts, Prevedere’s customers are better positioned to compete in an increasingly volatile and ever-changing world.

Prevedere Enables the Intelligent Enterprise

Transformative organizations are now leveraging data from internal and external sources, applying machine learning algorithms and generating predictive intelligence from which to mitigate risk and maximize opportunity. Prevedere provides a global data repository and predictive AI engine to enable transformational planning and strategy.

Given all the economic turmoil following the pandemic, we’re working with leaders from Kraft Heinz, Tractor Supply, FedEx and other companies to help them understand how inflation, the labor, and supply constraints will impact their business in 2022 and beyond.

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Forrester analysis uncovered that one Prevedere customer experiences total benefits of $3 million and an ROI of 345% over three years.

Read this study to find out how a leading chemical manufacturer used Prevedere to improve the quality of regular forecasting, resulting in reduced inventory costs, and accurately anticipate international shifts saving millions of dollars.

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Macroeconomic Outlook for 2022: Insights into trajectory of the U.S. economic recovery

This on-demand 10-minute discussion outlines expectations for macroeconomic recovery in 2022.

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Case Study: Kraft Heinz Overcomes COVID and Consumers Shifts to Transform its Forecasting, Planning and Go-to-Market Strategy

The Kraft Heinz Company partnered with Prevedere to modernize its forecasting, planning processes, and culture to respond to two significant go to market challenges: Consumer Shifts and COVID & Market Volatility

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