Last Updated: June 22, 2018

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Insights, Analytics and Personalization in Financial Marketing

In today’s digital business environment, no company can succeed without enhancing customer experiences. For example, modern consumers are empowered with specific, tailored recommendations for everything from clothes and electronics to streaming content and financial advice, made possible through advanced analytics and AI-powered business intelligence software. However, the retail banking industry has lagged in adopting such transformational technology. As a result, only 20% of banking executives feel well prepared for the future. With millennials flocking to more digital fintech companies, traditional financial institutions must adopt new predictive analytics technologies to improve their planning and customize personal experiences. Read more here.

Supply Chain Visibility: Digitizing Transforms Shipping Industry

Advanced analytic technology and business intelligence tools continue to disrupt almost every industry there is; however, one line of business that stands to benefit most from this technology is the supply chain. A digital supply chain has the potential to create efficiencies that can impact the entire company. Even though it can be a challenge to replace decades old management systems and processes, supply chain executives must ask themselves if they want to lead the digitization charge or play catch up to other business groups as they modernize. Logistics and supply chain executives must look to AI-powered, cloud-based partners that can bring their business into real-time. Read more here.

The Retail Bubble: How to Survive and Thrive with Digital Innovation

Retail survival in the digital age is all about ecommerce, customization and digitization, and unfortunately too many brick-and-mortar retailers are viewing these trends as a threat. Having an online and in-store digital strategy is the key to success today, and retailers must constantly embrace new digital strategies that are aligned to better customer experiences. Read more here on why predictive and behavioral analytics are critical to creating a thriving retail environment.

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