Introduction to Advanced Predictive Planning

Last Updated: October 17, 2022

Transform Planning and Strategy with AI-Driven External Intelligence

According to Harvard Business Review, as much as 85% of business performance is influenced by external factors, such as inflation, wages, commodity and oil prices, employment, trade policy and consumer spending.

The first logical question is, are you incorporating the influence and impact of those external variables in your planning and strategy?  As our economies and markets become ever more volatile, the time is now to get a quantitative handle on things you cannot control. 

Most organizations do not, but there is now an approach to planning that leverages your existing forecasts and processes, that adds an economic and industry-based layer of intelligence, resulting in more accurate overall forecasts and market-validated business plans.  


Prevedere is the Pioneer of Advanced Predictive Planning

Prevedere helps CPGs, retailers, manufacturers and other enterprises to augment their current planning systems and processes with what is known as Advanced Predictive Planning, or APP.  APP is a planning lifecycle and solution that leverages millions of external data sources, AI based econometric modeling + scenario planning, and the ongoing monitoring of prediction models to identify market shifts and anomalies.

In today’s volatile and uncertain world, being able to react quickly to changes is critical to creating a competitive advantage. However, wouldn’t it be better to anticipate changes and plan for them before they arise?

The Objective of Advanced Predictive Planning

The fundamental objective of Advanced Predictive Planning is to provide that forewarning and enable companies to understand how external conditions will impact different operational aspects of the organization, in the short, medium and longer terms.

Advanced Predictive Planning identifies and injects contextually relevant sources of external intelligence directly into the corporate planning process. It augments internal data with rich, validated, current insights from outside the business. These are the sources that professional economists use to issue their guidance, locally and globally.

Advanced Predictive Planning embeds these insights into corporate strategy with forecast models that dynamically inform the business plan as target market forces change. The benefits are both quantitative (e.g. cutting forecast misses, saving cost and enabling growth) and qualitative (e.g. more economically savvy business leaders able to better understand the drivers and leading indicators of their business, able to make better decisions).


For More Information

Please refer to the complete guide (, to further explore the concept of APP, the key elements that drive it, and how it can add a layer of foresight and confidence to strategic and operational planning.

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