Take the Outside View of Data for Sustainable Growth

eBook: Getting intelligent insight from external data

Which external factors will drive your manufacturing growth? Find out how leaders are accessing external data that was out of reach—until now. It is possible—and easy—to add the insights available from massive sets of real-time, external manufacturing data to your demand prediction and growth planning processes. Executive teams across the country are already validating growth strategies, finding hidden drivers, and optimizing product distribution using external datasets.

Outside data is now at your fingertips.

Download your copy of the “Getting Intelligent Insight from External Data” eBook to find out how Prevedere gives manufacturing leaders the intelligence edge using Microsoft Azure. Learn how early adopters of economic intelligence are using it in making strategic plans, capital decisions, and generating intelligent forecasts based not only on historical financial performance, but also current macroeconomic trends.

About Prevedere Prevedere is a predictive analytics software company that delivers insights into future business outcomes based on current economic and consumer trends.

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