The Influence of AI on the Insurance Industry

with guest Ankur Raniwala of Farmers Insurance®

Webinar: The Influence of AI on the Insurance Industry

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Webinar Overview:
The insurance industry is evolving rapidly as new technologies such as artificial intelligence (A.I.) and predictive analytics become more mainstream. Ankur Raniwala, a member of the Enterprise Research & Analytics team at ‎Farmers Insurance, discusses his thoughts on how A.I. is influencing how insurance leaders can better serve their customers.

About the Speaker

Ankur Raniwala has been with Farmers Insurance™ for over 4 years. He is currently on the Enterprise Research & Analytics team at Farmers Insurance, driving analytics initiatives based on business needs and strategies. Prior to his current role, Ankur was Head of Product Management at Page Vault, a technology company that preserves online material for legal professionals. Ankur has a Masters in Business Administration from The University of Chicago.

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