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Government Stimulus and the Impact on Recession and Recovery

Examination and findings on economic leading indicators

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As we’re facing many new and escalating challenges on the global economic front, particularly from COVID-19, it is essential first to recognize the impact that this health crisis is having on lives around the world.

Prevedere’s latest U.S. economic outlook focuses on delayed unemployment benefits, a complex housing market, and how they intertwine to impact recovery over the next several quarters.

In his latest economic report, Mr. Andrew Duguay, Prevedere’s Chief Economist, discusses how unpaid state-level contributions to federal unemployment benefits across most of the United States have created record-low consumer sentiment. Consumers who have suffered through delayed and significantly lowered unemployment payments remain uncertain about the future.

Mr. Duguay also delves into somewhat contradictory housing market data. In response to COVID-19, home buying trends, such as buying second homes and moving to more rural areas, are rising at staggering rates. This positive growth juxtaposed with a significant segment of the population now struggling to pay mortgages is causing concerns that a housing bust may be on the horizon.

What does the amalgam of the latest data mean for economic recovery? Download for a complete breakdown of U.S. unemployment and housing data.

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Andrew Duguay – Chief Economist Prevedere, Inc.

Mr. Duguay is a Chief Economist for Prevedere, a predictive analytics company that helps provides business leaders a real-time insight into their company’s future performance. Prior to his role at Prevedere, Andrew was a Senior Economist at ITR Economics. Andrew’s commentary and expertise have been featured in NPR, Reuters, and other publications. Andrew has an MBA and a degree in Economics. He has received a Certificate in Professional Forecasting from the Institute for Business Forecasting and Certificates in Economic Measurement, Applied Econometrics, and Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting from the National Association for Business Economics.

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